The Motherboard Frame

Well, at least MY geeky man did. I saw this a while back in a magazine (can’t remember which one), and I knew it would make my true-love’s heart sing. So for Vday I made one.I think it made a great guy-gift.

File Aug 16, 3 30 34 PM motherboard picture frame

If you have a nerdy man who would like a frame like this one, here’s how I made it: (warning: there ARE some legit tools used in this project)

Buy a frame that has a completely flat surface (I got mine at the dollar store).

Finagle yourself an old motherboard (I went to PC Laptops, and asked if they had any around. The dude actually removed one from a dead computer he had).

Remove all the chunky stuff (I’m talking about the resisters and capacitors and PCI slots, chip set etc–Allan totally helped me with the vocab just now).  Mine had a lot. Hopefully you can find one with minimal stuff.  To remove it all, I soldered off all the little components in the BACK , and then once it was all melted, we removed all the stuff on the front with a wrench.  When I say “we” I mean my upstairs neighbor and I. He has pretty much every tool imaginable, and I’ve been the happy benefactress of these tools (and his help) MANY times.  (Thanks Jayson!!)

Trace the outline of your frame onto the motherboard once it’s all cleared of excess chunkage. I used a dry erase marker.

Cut out the center of your frame first. Drill four holes in the corners, large enough for your jig-saw blade.

Then cut out the center with your jig-saw. Make sure you use a blade meant for metal. Clamp it down, and insert your blade into one of the drilled holes, and then cut from hole to hole. Smooth it out as needed.

Finally cut around the outside of your frame. Smooth it out.

Glue to your frame. I just used hot glue.

Stick a photo in, and make your honey smile.



My geeky man is telling me the parts of that motherboard. He said, “oh, it’s a real-tech audio chip” and something about some nvideo card…
yeah. totally geeky and cool.
Love you.


This is a nerdy gift dream. I love it! AllAn (emphasizing the right letter there) must LOVE it! And what a great v-day gift!


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