Yay!!! (and another swimsuit)

Yay because I won the Sewing Summit scholarship!!!  I still can hardly believe it–I feel like I could spontaneously do a little jig at any given moment, and maybe I have.  I feel so lucky, and am so excited!! Can’t wait to learn more about sewing AND blogging! Yippee!!! Thank you anyone and everyone who was involved in that decision!

And secondly and decidedly less exciting, here is another little suit that I made for Twinkle this summer. It’s just your basic rash-guard number, with the addition of  a little skirt which was imperative to her, and easy to work into the design.  It would have come together in a flash except this fabric was IMPOSSIBLE to sew with (it is a lycra blend I’m guessing), and hemming the edges was a nightmare; my machine was skipping stitches left and right! I changed needles, rethread, changed needles and rethread again to no avail.  At that point,  I just set that sucker aside and decided to work on something else, hoping that the problem would just magically resolve itself next time I picked it up. It did! I can’t tell you what I did, but the second time I started sewing, everything worked fine and I was able to hem it with only a couple of imperfect stitches, which I can deal with.  Sewing is funny like that. Sometimes things just won’t work for no reason at all, and you end up stressed, grumpy and maybe a little dangerous.  In those moments I’ve found it’s best to just step away from the machine with you hands up.  You’ll be surprised how much more doable everything is after you’ve slept a bit and the little sewing fairies have worked their mysterious magic. A good break can really fix all the seemingly impossible problems.

mad mim swimsuit_Coral rash gaurd suit_1 mad mim swimsuit_Coral rash gaurd suit_2 mad mim swimsuit_Coral rash gaurd suit_3

Now that my kids are outfitted with plenty of swimwear,  I should probably take them to a pool at least once before the Summer is over!  Can you believe that we haven’t even been?? Taking them all somewhere is always a major production, because I have to pack all of Tiny’s gear (feeding pump, extra milk, etc). I feel exhausted just thinking about it. Tiny also is a TOTAL water wimp, because we could submerge her in water until just recently, and she’s not used to it at all.  And I don’t have anybody I can go with yet, so I have less motivation to go by ourselves. I bought a $5 little splash pool, and that baby has been more than worth it’s steep price tag. My kids have been pretty happy  in their ignorance (NOBODY tell them that there’s a whole world of water works and splash pads out there that they’re missing!) I do want to make myself a suit soon though, so maybe then I’ll get our little production on the road because  somehow our back patio doesn’t give me the incentive to sew that I need!


jen - your numero uno stalker :o)

Totally deserved girl..i would have picked you too :o) But you must remember us little folk who loved you from the start when you become all rich and famous with millions of stalkers…i mean…followers all filling up your comments box!


Jen, of course you’ll ALWAYS be my number one stalker!!! You’re like family now, girlfriend! And don’t worry, I don’t think I’m in any real danger of becoming rich, and I don’t think a couple new readers quite counts as famous! XO!

the mither

So proud of you I’m bursting buttons! Miss Josie looks so HAPPY in that a-d-d-d-o-r-a-b-l-e suit–gotta love that skirt! Higher’n the sky, just thinking aboutcha . . . and your wise words of advise for taking a breather from sewing works for lots more than sewing–whoever said we should never go to bed angry with our spouses obviously needed to read your blog! A little bit of sleep is always a good thing between anything hard in our lives.


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