Buzz your girlfriend.....woof!Right now I’m participating in one of the nerdiest events I’ve ever even hoped to be a part of. I can hardly contain my excitement.  My hub and I are at the Mistborn The Alloy of Law new release party. To either side of me are die-hard junkies trying to think of all the great houses in Luthadel. I can only think of three. I’ve seen some pretty decent mist cloaks, but I’m starting to think that this crowd could really use a the expertise of a good seamstress. I’ve already got some really bad (as in awesome) ideas should Allan and I ever decide to fan the flame of our fan-hood.



i need to get into the series again. I liked the first one, but I can’t remember if I read more than that. I remember thinking about the release party “lame, they shouldn’t do those for every book that comes out, just for the really awesome ones like Harry Potter.” lol, hope you had fun


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