Wedding Hoopla

Allan’s little sister Melissa got married last Friday, and boy oh boy, was she a beautiful bride. Breathtaking. The wedding was beautiful, as was everything else about her day. I thought it went splendidly, and was so happy for her.  Her boy Jeff is a gem, and we’re so glad to have some other marrieds in the fam (we’ve been the only ones for a long while!)  I did take a few photos that I’m really excited about, but I’m MOURNING all the photos I didn’t think to take!! Like one of Melissa in her DRESS! HELLo! And I would love to have a photo of Allan’s parents, siblings and grandparents; I really missed the boat, and am bummed about it.  I wish I could rewind and USE my brain the second time around.

Anyway, here are a few good’uns plus a little bookmark I designed for them as their favor (I quickly borrowed this one from Twinkle, who is clearly the owner).


Emily Balling

Wow, Melissa, is a sparkling, angelic, beautiful dream!!! Is that her dress? So pretty!!

…And then, I scrolled down and so that shot of Harper, and literally, I screamed….”Ahhhhh!!! and started clapping! Thats how cute she looked!

Great job on that re-fashion below, so neat! So economical! 🙂


No it isn’t her dress, I TOTALLY forgot to get one, but it was stunning, and she looks so gorgeous in it..
and I’m SOO excited about that picture of Harper, it makes me so happy! Everytime I look at I just laugh, cause she’s so cute!


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