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About a week before my bro-in-law’s wedding I asked the bride-to- be what I should put the kids in for the big day (I was a bride’s maid), and she said anything in the wedding colors would be fine. Well, don’t you know, I didn’t have single article of clothing for them in mint, coral or even grey and the words weren’t even out of her mouth before I knew I was gonna bust out a whole new ensemble. I could have whipped up a bow, or maybe a  sash, but why do that when you have some pretty swiss dot organza that the neighbor gave you just lying around and some dye, and a week!? I mean, I had to go the distance, and make a couple of fancy little dresses for my girlies and a bow tie for the little man (he always gets the fuzzy end of the lollipop, poor kid). I had plenty of time so it wasn’t a marathon or anything, but still. Silly me. At least it all turned out super cute, and you know, we all were matchy matchy which is weirdly fun sometimes.

mad mim_wedding best_03

I used Ottobre  Spring 1/2013 #25 for the starting point of Twinkle’s dress, although I did make some basic changes to it (no button-up, short sleeves, no collar). I really like it because of the pretty princess seams. I also added the skinny and long ties from Ottobre Summer 3/2013 #17, and a little more fullness to the skirt.  mad mim_wedding best_02
mad mim_wedding best_04

Bub got a little bow tie, and I threw him some handsome little white linen trouser shorts I made him for easter (and still haven’t blogged about). I used a real bow tie pattern I got from Miranda (something like this  I would just enlarge it 150% rather than 200%). Anyway, I make the two sides, tie the bow tie, and then add velcro or a safety pin the back.

mad mim_wedding best_07

Girly Girl got Ottobre Summer 3/2012 #12, which is such a sweet little pattern–the fit is perfect.  It looks a little balloony in this picture, but it’s really just perfect, very sweet.

mad mim_wedding best_05

And just look how close I matched the dye to my bride’s maid dress, I nailed that one. And I did it so ghetto too! I was just dumping in the color to the washer like a crazy woman.  Little green here, little yellow there, and boom. Perfecto.

mad mim_wedding best_06

And I just had to throw this one in cause it’s sweet.

mad mim_wedding best_08

Ah, nothing like family sewing and that’s a fact.

IMAG0284It was a lovely day, she was gorgeous, he was handsome, and it was great to see and be with Allan’s wonderful family. We’re so happy that Brittany has joined The Tribe! (Hehe, pun always intended).


yam b fan

Beautiful family shots–makes it all worth it doesn’t it? That dye job is just amazing


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