W is for Wings

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Last week I had a spectacular flying dream—one of the only flying dreams I can ever remember having. Boy oh boy was I the best flying middle-aged woman you’ve ever seen, I mean Super Man  had nothing on me, I was dodging-and-weaving it through the clouds like a gravity defying running back.  You can’t imagine the let-down I experienced those first few moments of cognition when I realized that my fantastic flight was very unfortunately not real. Bummer.

mad mim_no big dill letter W_butterfly wings tee_04

So when I turned my mind this week to the letter W for the BRILLIANT Katy Dill’s inspiring alphabet sewing series Sew All 26, I stayed true to my wizzing-through-the-air-tendencies, and gave my Twinkie some Wings. Now granted, in a shoot-out between flying powers these wings are rather less impressive than the super hero way I’m accustomed to.  But! If you’re in the mood for a bit of flitting and fluttering, this bell-sleeved swing tee with wings is just your ticket.

mad mim_no big dill letter W_butterfly wings tee_03

A bit about how it came to pass. I started  with Figgy’s Banyan tee, because it’s always a wise place to start. I deepened the armscye because I was planning on using this lightweight woven for the sleeve, and knew I would likely need a bit more room for the lack of stretch. I adjusted the sleeve to fit, and slashed and spread it to make a bell sleeve. I then straightened out those curved side seams, and cut the bottom to fall straight across.

mad mim_no big dill letter W_butterfly wings tee_01

The butterfly wings I sketched and then exacto-d into a stencil using my rapidly disappearing stash of stencil film, and then after a quick spritz of spray adhesive, my little second-hand man Tito did most of painting (it’s fool-proof, he was so proud!).

mad mim_no big dill letter W_butterfly wings tee_05

So W is for Wings. Wings to flit and flutter and fly through the air at the speed of light. I’ll suspend the laws of science just for you, don’t mention it.

mad mim_no big dill letter W_butterfly wings tee_06 DSC_1566



Love it! So inspired! I’ve never tried stencil film, I always use freezer paper for doing this sort of thing. Will have to check out stencil film!


You’ll love it! I use it because it can be used over and over, rather than freezer paper (which is just as much work) but not reusable!


love this, love the IDEA of the wings, love your flying dream and your writing too. i’ve missed ya! need to put wings on something now…


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