Vintage May // Mustard Mu Mu Refashion

vintagemay6vVintage is the coolest, right? You love it, you’re Mom loves it, and so does Grandma. It seems like now more than ever fashion is dipping into each decade of the last 10 for the current fashion trends. Fashion roots go pretty deep, and it seems like we cycle through them all–even the bad ones (anyone a little horrified about the Mom Jeans popping up lately??) I’m a huge fan of vintage, and have lately been having fun identifying my style decade (I think I’m a 40’s girl). And besides being inspired by old fashion, I’m frequently sewing with vintage fabric or clothing.  I’m so excited today to be joining the wonderful Kristin from Skirt as Top and Jessica  from Craftiness is Not Optional  for their fantastic series Vintage May, and sharing with you my refashion + tutorial of this remake of a thrifted mumu c. 1970’s.

We’ve all most likely seen some pretty fantastic mumu (really mu’u mu’u) before-and-afters in our days, because let’s be honest–they can’t be beat when it comes to refashioning! They often have happy prints and oodles of fabric, and they make the most hysterical “before” shots ever. This is my second epic mumu refashion, and it promises to be just as loved as the first.

I found this delightful representation of 1970’s leisure at my local thrift shop for $4, and was immediately drawn to the wonderful mustard floral and piped yoke! Detail like that is special and it was a design element not to be overlooked or wasted!  Although the fit isn’t perfect (I added front and back darts), it looks really cute, and love the retro house-dress feel!

mad mim_vintage may_yellow mumu refashion_05

Instead of finding a pattern to work from like I usually do, I just took some scissors to that beauty with this vintage inspiration in mind, and it ended up pretty close to the mark.

  1. Cut where you want your bodice/skirt seam to be (allow for seam allowance).
  2. Add darts (front and back), and take in side seams. I actually removed the sleeves, took in the sides seams, adjusted the sleeves and then re-inserted them for a better fit).
  3. Gather skirt to fit bodice circumference.
  4. Sew bodice to skirt right sides together.
  5. Add a back zipper, make any adjustments needed, and then rock it like it’s 1949!


mad mim_vintage may_yellow mumu refashion_02 mad mim_vintage may_yellow mumu refashion_03

mad mim_vintage may_yellow mumu refashion_04
mad mim_vintage may_yellow mumu refashion_01Pretty fun and flirty, right? Can’t go wrong with some mumu love, I always say. Pretty sure it won’t be the last time I cut up one of those babies! Don’t forget to hop on over to both Kristin and Jessica for more Vintage May delight, and especially check out my posting partner Delia, for the sweet bonnet she made for her girly!


Jen @ Eat.Sleep.Make

Wow! You wouldn’t ever know this beautiful dress had a former life as a muumuu. I never thought I’d say this, but I need to keep an eye out for a muumuu next time I go thrifting!


You know, both times I have refashioned mumu’s, it was a surprise to me as well to come home with an enormous nightgown! I have never gone out looking for them, but both times I just couldn’t resist the print!
I’ll bet you will find a treasure!


Seriously this is so awesome. Love how you transformed a mumu into something totally chic. I love that we get to be posting partners a lot. Does this series make three?


Yes, this is 3! I am beginning to think we have some cosmic connection, isn’t it funny!? Always a pleasure to post with you, sweet Delia!


it’s so beautiful on you, and such a great refashion! you make it look so easy. thanks so much for joining us for Vintage May, girl!!


Oh Miriam, this is so adorable! It makes me want to head out right now and by myself a big ol’ mumu, lol. It looks so great on you and you did a fantastic job!


I love me a good upcylce! this is adorable on you- and I love the first one you made too… good job!!!


Wow!! This is so inspirational and so lovely! I just discovered your blog through Skirt as Top and Delia’s and love love love it.

Jess Abbott

Anyone who has a mumu, and then rocks it like its 1949 is a superstar in my book. What you did is amazing!!!


Oh man thats rediculously cute…a gorgeous gal in floral yellow…i am sold sister! Spring kisses x


amazing! what a great print, and i love how you kept that awesome yoke intact. glad to have found your blog, too!


Wow, so perfect and amazing easy instructions, I can follow them without having to read a single word, those drawings are amazing. Miss you.


I LOVE this outfit! Absolutely gorgeous! Well done, log th instructions. I want to run down to th thrift store right now… Lol


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