Twenty-nine, and one day.

Yesterday was my birthday.

It was also six years from the first time I kissed Allan.

To celebrate those two very notable events (my birth and that kiss), we took a nap, made killer hamburgers, ate this cake (which is every bit as ethereal as it looks), played cards, and all with some of my favorite people in the world. It was lovely.

I also got some super awesome presents:

This ring which will serve as my wedding ring until I can find mine which I’m still convinced is under my bed (although I haven’t been able to find it in about a year). I LOVE this ring–love how delicate, simple, symbolic it is, and for $15 bones it fit in our desperately tight budget.  Someday, If I DON’T find my real ring, then I eventually want one just like this one, but with solid gold instead of gold fill.

mad mim knot wedding ring

This tiny little picture from my sister Rene. It’s just what I wanted: small (tiny art is the BOMB), modern, and sentimental–when Allan and I were dating I had recently read David Copperfield, and I told him about how Mr. Barkis asks Peggotty to marry him by sending a message via David that simply read “Barkis is willin’.” When Allan then asked me to marry him he said, “Tribe is willin’.”

tiny art_tribe is willin'

This lovely watercolor heart by Twinkle. She was the first one up yesterday morning, and she quietly stole into my room and whispered into my ear “Happy Birthday Mama!” This is actually one of MANY presents I received from her; she gave me a gift every day last week.

Twinkle's present_birthday heart cropped

These awesome art books–I’ve been having a blast exploring my artistic side.

And here’s to another year–I’ve got to live up this last one  in my twenties!




Happy Birthday to a fellow Libra–mine is the 13th.
Love those little cuties and their presents. On my bday my youngest kept hollering at me to “come here” and when I finally did he pulled me close and whispered in my ear, “Happy Birthday!” Too sweet.

Have a good week!


So many cute things, I love the ring! Like you, I read DC early in my marriage and my dh also adapted his version of the . . . is willin’. How dear your Josie’s Happy Birthday love for the week must be to you! That cake looks like a must try, thanks for sharing the chocoloate ecstacy. Joy to you in the coming year!


Happy Birthday Mim! And you don’t look a day over 25, you must put something good in your chocolate cakes :o)
Is all of your crazy family some sort of crafter/designer/fashionista/artist…you must be exhausted keeping up with all their blogs!! Hehe!


Happy Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 29, wow, you are O-L-D. Ha ha I’m totally teasing! I always think of you when I think of creating a balanced life–you spend so much time with your kids (and enjoy it), you create, you inspire, and you are beautiful! Keep up the good work, sister!


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