Tuesday Trivia

The reigning reason why I loathe (and almost always says no to) alteration work is because

a) it’s about as engaging as that semester I spent trying to stay awake during World Civ.

b) i can’t justify charging an hourly rate when it takes me WAY longer than it should because I’m slow and a perfectionist, and I hate charging a reasonable flat rate because I feel ripped off.

c) Once, after spending hours¬†putting in a utility zipper into a space suit, I finished only to realize I’d put it in BACKWARDS. ¬†Instead of ripping it out and starting over again like any self-respecting seamster would, I hung head my low and recommended that my client take it to a legit tailor.

d) once a person asks me to do an alteration, I battle a strong urge to hide from them at every subsequent encounter.









It was at that point I decided that no monetary reward was worth such dreadful shame. All my other answers are also true, with the exception of d, which is only true if I said no, or did a bad job (refer to spacesuit story).

Do you do alterations? Is there anything that you can’t abide and will say no to? How do you manage that dreaded task? (saying no, AND/OR doing alterations).

And ps, can I get your number? I have a dress-jacket I need taken in…




I do minor alterations for my friends. (Mostly because the tradition is that in return they bring me a bottle of wine. Not a requirement, but, you know, it’s nice.) Mostly I don’t mind it, but I have this one friend that I’ve grown to hate altering for. Reasons:

-He’s a boy, and boy clothes are boring.
-He’s a little OCD, and most of the alterations he asks for are literally mere centimeters. Right now I have a t-shirt of his the wants shortened by half an inch. Boring, boring, boring and totally dissatisfying.
-He has bad taste in wine.

Also: I believe this is me de-lurking. Love, love, love your blog.


A half an inch?!? Sheesh. Yeah, that’s…. kind of ridiculous.
ps Happy Birthday yesterday! I just stalked you over on your blog!


Hehe, that made me laugh. I totally know how you feel!! I have been asked to do heaps of alterations and i am with you, its just not worth it. Because yes it takes longer than making something from scratch usually and you would have to charge them more than the cost of the original item to make it! Although i did relent recently and actually offered to fix my ex-husbands jeans…he was walking around with two huge slits across his bum ….YES…in public with his arse hanging out…oh the shame!!! Hehe!!! He has a suitably patched bum now and i get ex-wife brownie points!


Well, that sounds like an emergency alteration, which is an altogether different thing. Once I sat down on an escalator and it ripped a huge slit in my shorts. I was at the mall. I had nothing to cover myself up. I was maybe 6, and I still remember feeling like my world was over. THAT would have been a great time for some emergency altering.
Did he KNOW his arse was hanging out??


Sadly yes! He looked distinctly ridiculous, but did not care in the least! As i do not want to have to pay my daughters psych bills as a consequence of the scarring, i was more than willing to assist!! Hehe! I drew the line at doing his girlfriends alterations though…it made me feel a bit scurf like!!!

Heather Feather

I do alterations, but most of my sewing experience came from when I worked at an alterations shop. I charge a lot because I have experience, and I never do anything for free unless it’s for my husband.


I do alterations for friends and people I VT but I make them learn how to do it so it is not service/free labor and then they can go forward with the rest of their clothes. My proudest moment was when my friend told me she altered a bathing suit for found for $3 and it looked great. But I don’t think saying no is a bad thing and I do say no if the person is not interested in learning how to do it.

Green Man Girl

I HATE other people’s alterations!! I own a vintage clothing store and it’s almost a daily request. I make clothing that I sell here at the shop, and I have a rack of dresses that I’ve hemmed or otherwise altered, but it’s just so un-inspiring to do other peoples grunt work. Great post!


Just checked out your website, and it’s great. loved that post about pregnancy–yikes! and your husband’s band is cool! how exciting to be married to a rockstar…:)


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