Tribal Rose Stamp and Repeat Design

madmim_handprinting_tribal rose pattern_1Over the last several years I’ve realized that I really love designing and carving stamps, and just hand printing and surface design in general. And you’re like, duh…we knew that. Well I guess I’m saying that I REALLY like it, and I want to really pursue it this year. I want to challenge myself and start turning my designs into repeatable patterns and would like to make more art work with it too. Thinking about lots of different ideas and plans (which are all incredibly tentative because I’m about to have my fourth child and life will be just bonkers), and I’ve realized that I’ve only shared just a tiny bit of all that I do here by way of all this here on le blog. I want to change that, and even if it’s simple, I want to start documenting more of my work.

A few weeks ago I stumbled on (saw the ad in Martha Stewart Living), and discovered that all their products are made by designers that submit their work through on going design challenges. Anyone can enter, aka even me who has never had the bravery to call myself an artist or designer and have largely done all my work for just my family and as a hobby. Well they were having a challenge to design fabric, and I’ve always wanted to learn more about how to do that like I said. So even though the deadline for submissions was just a couple days a way–I decided to just go for it–and take the design challenge as an opportunity to finally teach myself. I had bought the book A Field Guide to Fabric Design a while back (I highly recommend this book!), and I finally poured over it to help me turn one of my favorite floral stamps into a repeat. It was kinda hard for me–definitely not just wham bam thank you m’am, but I loved doing it and was so excited about how it turned out.

madmim_handprinting_tribal rose pattern_3

And then I submitted it to the challenge! I mean, why not. If you like it, you should vote for it to be turned into fabric and sold on Minted, I wouldn’t be mad. I think the voting ends February 9th.  (As far as I understand you just rate it).

madmim_handprinting_tribal rose pattern_4

What new creative challenges are you taking on? 



Yes, please do put more up on your blog! I’ve been lurking for a while and wishing you posted more regularly. You’re an inspiring artist.
I didn’t know Minted had those contests! Thanks for putting the word out.

Jen @thestitcherandgatherer

Miss your blogging! So happy about bub news! Whoop! You totally need to call yourself an artist/designer..I love your stuff! Look forward to hearing more from you. Hope you are all well. Are you on instagram? Much love jen x


You are totally an ARTIST. I feel like as I’ve kind of followed you for years I have seen you evolve from crafter to artist. Not that there is anything wrong with crafter–I love crafting–but you have so many thoughtful ideas and you actually put them into action. So inspiring especially with all your kids!


Beckie, that’s got to be the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten, it made my week and I’m not exaggerating. Thank you!


I love this!! I stumbled across your site by accidentally typing in the wrong domain, so glad I did. Your work is beautiful and your blog addicting. 🙂


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