Tribal Fold Over Pouch //Printing with Jones Foil Paper +exciting news!

Boy I tell you, I don’t know what I’m going to do when this whole tribal trend ends.  It will be a sad day for my home and wardrobe, and that’s the truth. But maybe I don’t have to see an end! Maybe I can just ride it into my own personal time bubble–oblivious of the ever-evolving fashion current–indulging forevermore in all the triangles and arrows my heart desires.  Don’t judge me if I do.

mad mim_Jones Foil printing_09

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with Jones Foil Paper, and am pretty excited about this stuff. It’s such a fun product, and it’s pretty versatile too. I have experimented using different adhesives with it,  but decided for my first project I wanted to use it with it’s companion foil glue, just as instructed.  Worked like a charm, and it couldn’t be easier. I just love the legit metal glimmer of the foil paper! I’m sort of at a loss how to describe it, but it’s so true-metallic–really gold not just the color gold, you know what I mean? Really brilliant, especially when it hits the light.

On to the pouch. This fold over pouch has been on my to-do list ever since last year at Sewing Summit when I saw Venessa‘s amazing pouch pattern in the flesh.  It’s really a perfect design, and it was a great printing canvas because it’s such an ideal printing size.  Large enough to do a detailed design, but small enough to make it quick and fun.  The only very simple alteration I made was to add some small leather loops sandwhiched into the top sides of the pouch so that it could double as a shoulder bag. The fabric is a wonderful unbleached cotton duck that I dyed my new faveRIGHT color Terracotta. Prepare yourself for much much more of that color, because I wanna roll up and dye in it. Couldn’t help myself, some puns are inescapable.

mad mim_Jones Foil printing_06 mad mim_Jones Foil printing_03

Printing instructions are very straight forward.  I simply free handed some very basic, doodle-ey tribal designs onto my fabric before assembling.  Start at the top and work down, and then allow the glue to completely dry. This takes a while, so take a break at this point and do something else, it takes at least an hour.  You want to make sure that the glue is completely dry, and has gone from slightly opaque to clear.

mad mim_Jones Foil printing_01Here you can see the difference between not-dry and dry–the middle is dry (and clear), while the top section is still semi wet.

mad mim_Jones Foil printing_04Put on your party hats folks, cause here comes the fun part. Press your foil paper on top of the dried glue (metallic side UP), and lift off! The foil sticks to the tacky dried glue, and the foil is now apart of the design.  If you miss a part, you can just press the foil down again and it will continue to pick up the foil until all areas of the glue are covered. This is great because you can really take advantage of every square millimeter of your paper.

mad mim_Jones Foil printing_07

So pretty, right?!
mad mim_Jones Foil printing_05Now assemble your pouch according to pattern instructions, unless like me you want to add small loops to the top sides for the purse variation.  
mad mim_Jones Foil printing_08
mad mim_Jones Foil printing_11I LOVE how this little pouch/purse turned out  It’s such a special piece, and it’s so perfect for when I want to go somewhere without my kids. I usually just tote my “diaper bag” (which is really just a large purse), but it’s really too big for just me. This is a great size for when I fly solo, and it’s so…me!

And speaking of fabric printing… (Jazz hands) I’m teaching at Sewing Summit this year!!! Hand printing fabric! Peeps, I am SO excited to teach this class, it is going to be such a blast.  Registration is just next week, April 16th at 10:00 am.  Last year they sold out within hours, so if you want to come (which you do!) better get your trigger fingers ready.  I would love to see you guys there! (Still have jazz hands).


Yam B Fan

You just knocked my socks off (and you know how I hate to get dressed more than once a day), but it was worth it! That is so cool and classy, it totally looks like you got it in an expensive boutique. You have taken homemade to a whole different strata. Congrats on being invited to teach at the Summit–they know where to find talent! Go Mim!


this looks SO awesome, Miriam! And I was so excited to see you’re a Sewing Summit teacher this year. I have my alarm set to get tickets. Fingers crossed!


this is AWESOME!!! i had no idea the gold foil stuff existed for fabric – so cool! congrats on teaching at ss this year, now i’m even more bummed that i can’t go but look forward to seeing everyone’s photos/posts 🙂


Lol, that’s funny, that’s what I was worried people would think it was! It’s really cool stuff though, I’m really excited about my next project with it, it will hopefully involve a pineapple print!


Years ago I worked for a local recycling and reusing store, where local manufacturers would donate their new reusable discards. Our store received leather scraps from a leather furniture manufacturer, fabrics from design stores, ceramic tiles from kitchen/bath stores, sign film from awning stores, and even printers foil from printers. It was a fabulous place to work that brought out the creativity in anyone who walked through our doors. Myself and others designed store displays using our “discards/donations” to display with our raw materials for which we charged a small amount, selling these items to be reused rather than have these perfectly good reuseable items end up in the landfill.
Sorry for being so long winded here. When I saw your project of decorative fabric using the Jones foil paper and the foil glue, I had conpletely forgotten that I had a stash of printers foil in a cupboard and you have inspired me to get creative again. Have a great week,


So, did you work at Heaven? That’s what it sounds like to me! There is a store similar to that here, and I love it. It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by all those lovely materials! May all your creative juices flow with all that printers foil!! Thanks for commenting:)


Love this purse. Foil is so in on paper now but I work mostly in fabric. I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration.


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