Trash to Treasure: The Muumuu

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Melissa from IS-LY, who really knows what it means to breathe new life into the hopelessly unwearable, I had vision when I saw this colorful muumuu at DI. I straight up confess that I considered buying this as-is because my heart yearns for a long nightgown. But I’m a sucker for that ethnic-looking flower print, and quickly realized I wanted it to be a dress.

refashioning a muumuuOk, so this is probably the crappiest Before picture ever, but I couldn’t stop laughing, or get the Boy to move. It was ENORMOUS–I could have fit three of me in there with ease.

Refashioning a muumuu AFTER

And After.

refashioning a muumuu After shot, back

Check out that back design!

refashioning a muumuu after shot, side

I was just going to take it in and throw on a belt, but I discovered that because it was so gathered in the front and back, the belt solution was looking pretty poofy and bulky. I opted to sew ribbon down to the box pleats giving Β it a waist as well as ties on the sides. In addition to the ribbon, I ended up taking the body in probably 6 inches on either side, the sleeves a good 3 as well as added a cuff, and then obviously shortened it.

A woman at church yesterday said that she loved the East Indonesian feel of the fabric as she discretely tucked in my tag that was flipped out on the back. The tag of this dress says it all: “The Woman Within.”



You are looking foxy! seriously, though i guess I’m not surprised. And what a cute dress, I wouldn’t have ever thought to do something like that!


This is AWESOME!! I totally love the whole idea and the whole look of this fabulously revived dress. Way to go, creative genius lady!

the mither

Well. I won’t be bitter that you didn’t just GIVE the dress to me as is, because it looks so amazing and beautiful on you! But NEXT time . . . .

heather e

Holy Rad. It’s really incredibly cute! My heart yearns for a large nightgown too.


wow. it’s amazing. i wouldn’t be able to stop laughing either while taking the before shot in that beaut.
it turned out sooo good and you look really pretty


I love your before picture, what a happy smile, wish I could be there with you laughing! πŸ™‚ Great job on both dresses, this and the one below; you are great at refurbishing. And I got all excited when I made a little zig zag, a small little zig zag, to make a low plunging low shirt, very nice and modest, zip zip, it was a little zig zag line, you can hardly see or notice it. Now I don’t have to wear a tank top. Well, what small joys, I would love a new dress, but first I need to work on….well you know, not fitting the moo-moo, only! Love ya and can’t wait to see El Jay’s t-shirt! πŸ™‚ Em


I’ve heard of that blog, but never made my way there. So cool. Kinda makes me wish I had the time the make something everyday…

sherri wolters

Love both your remakes I am going to try this but instead of an belt at waist- I will try to an empire waist- I am low waisted and overweight so belted on waist has never worked for me even when I was thin. Now to hit second hand stores and see what I can find thanks for great ideas


Yeah, that would fantastic, I’m sure! That’s the beauty of mumu’s, is that you have enough to do whatever you want, really!


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