Trash to Treasure: the Moses Basket

So, where is my baby going to sleep?

A question that plagued me for the first few months of pregnancy. You see I borrowed a bassinet from my friend for my first two babies, but since we are planning on moving pretty soon after Numera Tres arrives, I thought we should probably get something of our own for her to sleep. It took me a while before I figured out what I wanted, and what I wanted was exactly what my Mama used for my younger siblings to sleep in when they were infants–a sweet little Moses Basket.

I was surprised by how many options there were out there, I guess because I haven’t seen anyone using a Moses Basket for a long time. Apparently there’s an underground market for them, because I discovered a pretty wide selection. Naturally I was tempted by some more expensive ones, but ended up heeding my tight-wad wise husband’s advice, and buying a very economical choice from Walmart.  The quality of the basket seems great, but the bedding was horrific. Straight from the box it was ghetto and completely non-functioning.

Thrifting a while back, I found this amazing sheet and it knew it was destined to continue its life as bedding for my baby girl. This bassinet sheet was a bit of  a pain (I kept on having to piece segments in to make it fit), but it definitely beats that saggy excuse for bedding that came with the basket.

mad mim sewing_moses basket sheet mad mim sewing_moses basket sheet mad mim sewing_moses basket sheet

Right now it’s ready and willing and waiting for a sweet little warm body to rest it’s tiny head upon it’s mattress. I’ll have to see what I can do about that this weekend…


Holli Coats

I love it! Hopefully there will be more pictures soon, this time with a baby inside!


What a great idea. I’ve never had crib or anything for the babes so I understand the dilemma. I love, LOVE it!


Such a HUGE improvement! Love, love, love it. But is there any doubt that I would not love it? I LOVE everything you make/do (except that desk all those years ago! remember?)
Plus, I love you and I can’t wait to see that precious little gal in her new basket bed!


so cute. Have you had the baby yet. Nothing here yet but I will be induced Thursday if she hasn’t come by then. Hope you are less miserable than me.


Nope! Still looking. We’re “moving” as in tentively when Allan finishes his thesis and gets a job which we hope will be at the end of the summer, then we’ll be moving. Nothing concrete yet–still interviewing….still waiting…still going crazy…

Emily Balling

Barkus is will’n!! 🙂 Was that his name? Very darling, I bet you can’t WAIT to see that girl cuddle-d-buddled-d up in that nest.


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We’ve got one that looks exactly the same. It was used by hubby when he was a baby! We also did a new cover, in bright yellow!


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