Trash to Treasure: The Midas Flower Mirror

Mad Mim before & after_ the Midus Flower Mirror Mad Mim before & after_ the Midus Flower Mirror

I always feel a little twinge of guilt calling the Before “trash”, because let’s be honest–these bronze beauties probably rocked someone’s hallway for like twenty years. But at some sad point they made their way to the thrift store where I found them. At first I thought they would be pretty cool with just a good spray-paint job of like turquoise or something. And they would have. But I soon realized that that would have been underestimating their ultimate potential of coolness. That’s when I dreamed up this mirror. So I just tucked these babies away until I found the right mirror. When I finally did find this lovely red, round, plastic mirror (thanks Rachel) I knew it was destined to receive the Midas Touch.

So here’s how it happened:

Naturally I began this whole project with a good rinsing of the dusty wall-hangings—yuchch. I’m pretty sure they were never dusted in the entire twenty years they lived in that hallway.  I then used some metal cutters and cut them up into small individual flowers (definitely the hardest part). Next I resurrected them a bit with a healthy coat of “antique gold.” The red mirror received the same treatment. Then I debated for a minute on whether I should opt for option A: Gorilla Glue, which would be painstaking and time-consuming but much more sturdy and probably worth my time. Or, I could choose option B which was whip out the quick and easy hot glue gun; this would mean instant satisfaction but probably lots a future touch-ups. Nothing lasts forever, Folks. I chose option B. I just glued them all on, and then resprayed any areas that needed it.  Then I used some nice apricot and blue to paint a few leaves and flowers here and there and really make everything sing. I don’t know about you, but I hear a Hallelujah chorus.

mad mim before & after_Midus Flower Mirror

mad mim before and after_Midus Flower Mirror
I LOVE it!! Ever since I painted our dressers, I’ve been on the look out for something to replace the shabby chic mirror I had. This new one works SOO well with the rest of the room, and I’m really starting to feel like the whole space is put together, which has never happened to me before. The only thing that kinda bugs me is that maybe I’ve gone a little too matchy matchy with the colors. I didn’t realize it of course, but you know how you get into certain colors and then end up subconsciously using those colors for everything. Well, there are worse things I suppose, and I’m going to make like Scarlet, and not think about it right now.



Mim, I absolutely LOVE this mirror. It looks so fabulous, you did a great job. I wish I had an eye for these things, I would’ve never thought of it.

Amy Morby

This turned out better than I even imagined, which is wild because it was insanely amazing in my imagination to begin with. Consider my mind sufficiently blown. It’s so pretty!


Yep in Anaheim! Isn’t that right where you are? I was excited when I heard that. They haven’t scheduled his flight plans yet, but they told us sometime next week. It would be soooooo awesome to be so close to the fabric district!!!!!!


you should come with him and stay with us. It would be a grand vacation. We are just next door to Anaheim. Like Orem and Provo

Beth M. Stephenson

This is fantastic! If the room is too matched, throw in some black (pillows? painted dresser?) to anchor it. I will never look at dusty old wall hangings the same way again. . .

Martha Ware

well that is just the perfect little mirror to go above that dresser and i love how the dresser trinkets are all so adorable, too.


I am very jealous of this. It looks AMAZING! I have to leave now before I become covetous.


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