Trash to Treasure: the kid’s foam chairs

Dora has been a part of my living room decor long enough.

We bought this small kid’s foam chair for our girlie a couple Christmas’ ago, and it’s been passionately loved and battled over by my two kiddos ever since. When my upstairs neighbor offered me a second chair suffering from a broken zipper, I leaped at the chance to recover them both.  It only took yard of Ikea fabric (for each chair) to turn these bad boys from loathsome to pretty fresh and cool. My husband has affectionately scorned the fact I made matching mini pillows, but secretly he loves it. And my kids both got a real kick out of them–so I’m justified.

mad mim kid's foam chair before & after mad mim kid's foam chair before & after

mad mim kid's foam chair before & after
mad mim kid's foam chair before & after

To recover these chairs, I seam-ripped the old covers and then used them as pattern pieces to cut from the new fabric. I then draped my cut pieces over the chair to make sure I understood how it went back together, pinned it, and sewed.



Ok seriously Mim slow down!!!! You are WAY too amazing! 🙂 Great job on the chairs. Love the trimmings too. Adoreable! Im gonna do my baby onsies over Spring Break next week. We should play and have a sewing day and work on our projects. I hope you realize you are one of my new FAVORITE people!!!! Ok good. Glad youre cool with that. haha!


Oh my gooooooooossshh these are awesome!! You have totally motivated me to do the same. (PS: remember one of my very fist projects with you was a seat cover that I got so frustrated with I destroyed?? Thank goodness my crafting patience has grown over the years.)


I love your covers! I just got an old foam chair (exact same as the Dora one but with Elmo!) and it’s so ugly but I know my little guy would love it. I have been searching Etsy to see if I can buy a cool cover somewhere but to no avail. The problem is..I can’t sew…never ever touched a sewing machine! I was wondering if I could pay you to make me a cover? I know you’re a busy mom but my little guy is only 6 months so there’s lots of time! Not sure if that interests you at all but I would be very grateful not to mention chic if it worked out. Thanks For your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you!


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