Trash to Treasure: a tiny refashion

I tossed over half of my baby-girl clothing that I had stashed in the garage from my first daughter.

Why? Because I had too much. And because apparently when I packed them away I was hypnotized into thinking I would someday be so desperate for clothing that I would be grateful for anything. Do you ever do that? You’re already to trash the nasty, old, spit-up stained, worn, or just plain ugly clothes when a tiny little voice says but what if I NEED this? what if someday, for some reason, i have nothing else to dress my child in? even though i hate this, or would rather my baby wear a three-day-old cute outfit than this NOW, maybe SOMEDAY i’ll NEED it, and put it in storage telling yourself that if you really don’t want it, you can always toss it later. You forget that you don’t have ROOM to store it, and that 4 years in the garage will NOT make it cuter, brighter, whiter, or at all desirable in any way.

If that rang in bells at all in your head, do yourself the favor, and toss that stuff now.  Just keep your favorites–the stuff you’re willing to let your baby wear for a couple days when they miraculously keep it semi-spit up-free (wait, am I the only one who does that?!)

There were a few little things I kept because I thought they had potential. I think I did put Juicy Fruit in them, but they were never my favorite because little cutesy things like teddy bears or bunnies or butterflies that they put on EVERYTHING nowadays are not my thing. Why can’t they just keep it simple?

Anyway, here it is. I like the way the little blue one turned out, and I definitely think Baby Girl Tribe will get some good use out of it.

Yesterday was my ultra-sound due date. Luckily I have been going by my original due date this whole time which is Sunday, so I’m not completely beside myself yet. My husband keeps saying I should just count on her being a week late, and then I won’t be disappointed. I reject that notion, but I gave him my solemn promise that I won’t fall apart until Sunday. And then it’s all fair game and I can fall apart as much as  I like. Let’s hope that it doesn’t come down to that.



oh man, good luck with the wait. I’m with you hubby on planning on a week late-spare yourself the agony I just endured with only 3 days late (and even then helped along a great deal:) it’s all so worth it, whatever “all” you have to go through! I cant wait to see her!


We are definitely on the same wave length. I do not like the embellishments on baby clothes today. I like your refashions a lot!


I’m glad i’m not the only one whose husbands make you promise to wait until your due date to fall apart. I was locked up like Fort Knox too on my due date appointment so my husband had to take me to the movies and keep me busy all day!

Cute refashions too! I especially love the navy blue one! It looks all vintage now!


I have the same problem. I can’t throw anything away. I’m going to make myself if we ever have another boy, if anyone gives us a new outfit, I’m going to make myself toss something. Oh, and congrats!! I can’t wait to hear the birth story! She was born on our anniversary, while we were at the library. 🙂


Oh my, does the last comment mean the beautiful bub has arrived? Am itching to know! I hope so…waiting is the worst! Smiley face x

Emily Balling

I hope it isn’t unfitting of me to comment…to announce for my sister, but she is a little you know, sort of busy to say the least.

She birthed the most beautiful and precious daughter this Wednesday! I can’t wait for her to announce more details but she may be a little occupied the next little while, so for you followers, know she had a brunette, wide-set eyed, darling little tot….name TBA!! She appreciates your support!! 🙂


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