Too Tight to Just Right // Man to Boy Shirt Refashion

Hubby Tribe likes to tell people he gained 30 pounds sympathy weight with me in my first pregnancy and never lost it. He’s got a point. I like him way better with some meat on those bones, but he has had to part with many a (too tight) quirky tee along the way. Occasionally I try to wrestle him into something semi-less-casual, and this blue plaid button-down was one of my favorites.  He wore it  maybe a handful of times (most notably in this family photo), before he decided it was too tight.  It WASN’T (that photo was the last time he wore it), but he refuses to wear anything remotely fitted–that man needs his space.  So during my dejunking marathon (still working on it!), I considered tossing this shirt for 2.5 seconds before I knew I had to refashion it for The boy. Kiddo had a birthday last week, and was in need of some Sunday best (I did make him a button down for Easter, but it turned out too small!) So I cut into this bad boy down on Saturday night, and had it ready for him Sunday morning.

mad mim_men shirt to boys shirt refashion_111

I lost a few design details that I was sad about (the pointed yoke and pocket flaps), but I think overall it turned out so handsome.  I basically cut that sucker up along all seams, completely unpicked the collar, and then used Kwik Sew 3146 to size it all down (I love that pattern, it’s a real winner).  It’s kind of amazing that just omitting the button holes and front placket + sleeve hems saved so much time.

mad mim_men shirt to boys shirt refashion_102 mad mim_men shirt to boys shirt refashion_103 mad mim_men shirt to boys shirt refashion_104 mad mim_men shirt to boys shirt refashion_105 mad mim_men shirt to boys shirt refashion_101 mad mim_men shirt to boys shirt refashion_109 mad mim_men shirt to boys shirt refashion_110

Ah man, I love those boys. And no offense Babe, but that shirt paired with those skinny jeans and curls? The Boy wore it best!


Ann B

Photo of hubby next to shirt on son, and I can see the western style and blue plaid just don’t ‘fit’ your man. Beautiful shirt on son, though. Thanks for the pattern…I’ll get it for grandsons to remake some plaid shirts my man won’t wear.


You’re right, it just wasn’t right for him, and it looks so great on the Boy! That pattern is a tried and true for me, it’s a little more expensive, but so size and fit are so spot on, as well as great instructions!


wow, you nailed it! i feel like a lot of “i shrunk a men’s shirt to a boy shirt” refashions can get a little wonky looking, but this looks perfect! your Boy is soooo adorable too, love the little plumber’s crack. 😉


I loved this post. I can so totally relate. My husband is all tee shirts all the time, except for the two button downs he rotates for date nights and a handful of polos he keeps on hand for “fancy work days”. sigh. The shirt is adorable on your son. Very nicely done.

Anne LK

Lovely! Just wondering about the collar. Were you able to reuse the original collar (like cut it down somehow) or did you make a new collar from leftover fabric with the pattern piece?


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