To a creative Mother.

I grew up hearing her tell people she wasn’t creative.

With all the affection in my heart, I say, What a load of rubbish!  Creativity blossoms in so many different shapes and forms that to say you’re not creative because you don’t sew easter dresses or make your kids spectacular birthday cakes is selling yourself short (ps I don’t make my kids spectacular cakes either).  When I said that I basked in the warm confines of my unique family while growing up, it was largely due to the creative and supportive atmosphere that my mom nurtured in our home. She really got a kick out of doing things her own way, and the older I get the more I admire how she ventured into the new and unknown as  a mother (homeschooling, parenting style/methods etc). If she decided that she wanted to do something, she pulled up her sleeves and learned all about it. Because she wanted to. And then she did it. That’s pretty cool, and very creative.

On top of being very creative, my Mom is the worlds best cheerleader. She provided us with so many opportunities, but without any pressure to be or do anything but what we felt passion for. And then she practically did back flips every time we accomplished anything. I love that about her, and that’s something I want very much to emulate with own kids.

Creativity is natural part of being a woman, and an integral part of being a Mom. Every single day, every hour of the day can be an exercise in creativity with your children: how to keep them happy, how to teach them, how to get them to help you clean (happily), how to distract them, how to pacify them, how to connect with them, and the list goes on endlessly. It’s all creativity and creation, and I think maybe that’s part of why I’ve never been happier than I have as a mother.

Thanks Mom, for teaching my how to crochet that one time. I don’t really remember how, and I’ll definitely have to re-learn next time I get the notion to make a hat or something, but I appreciate you teaching me all the same. I appreciate how you’re smiling because you enjoyed teaching me, and because you believed in the ability of my little fingers to learn the stitches, and liked to see me concentrate and spread my young crafty wings. 





This is one of the coolest pictures I’ve ever seen. I love it on so many levels. Everything you’ve just said is spot on. Your mom has been a mighty influence in my life and she really is one of the most creative people I know. I love watching you carry her legacy on. You’re pretty amazing, too, Mim-sahib. Happy Momma’s Day.

Beth M. Stephenson

The expression on your Mama’s face is the quintessential peace of a successful mother. She, who is a gifted writer herself, ought to have used a better word than “creative.” It may be true that she isn’t “crafty” but she can turn a phrase to bring a smile or a new insight with the best of the best. I learned the nature of “voice” in writing from Velinda Gay. Love to her and all of hers.


You don’t know me but I’m a …second cousin?…something like that. Your mom was one of my favorite people to hang out with when we were kids and I can vouch for her creativity! NO ONE could weave a story or adventure like her!

Your cousin Marci (in MI, formerly in CA)


Marci you don’t know how flattered I am that you’re reading! It’s so neat to make connections–especially from family! Mom wrote and told me about you, and I think she was just as tickled as me that you commented!

the mither

blush. Thanks Mim (et al), the best tribute you make is your very own life. I am so pleased, grateful (and perhaps a little dumbfounded) that you and EACH of my girls and daughters-in-law have far surpassed me in skills (including astronomical birthday cakes) and homes that are a delight to be in–with respect to beauty, order as well as superb lives within the walls of your homes. I’m so grateful if anything came out right of all the muddle that was/is my life. It was your G’pa Wms that taught me the principle that children deserve first rate authentic art supplies to inspire their best. But while I was waiting around for the perfect moment and method to instruct you in the use of said supplies (sometimes for YEARS), you quite rightly begged me to just let you USE them. With compulsive pangs of regret for the perfect moments that might have been, I released you to your artistic journeys. And THAT turned out to be the best thing I did. Btw, did you know that one of your many nick-names was Mesogenic Mim? Hopefully I kept that one to myself. I’m so glad that somebody happened to catch that one moment when I actually taught you something, and chaining on is about all I remembered how to do. But I love your focused expression, it well exemplifies the intensity with which you tackle life. You go, girl!


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