Tissue Paper Cards

With everything that’s been going down with Tiny, we’ve been on the receiving end of some incredible generosity. It’s so comforting and inspiring to see the good in people, and we’ve been so grateful to receive the fruits of that goodness. As a result I’ve found myself in need of cards to send a thank you notes. I’ve never been the kind to have cards on hand, and I’ve never been the type to make them. In fact, I’m so ghetto that usually when we go to a wedding or something that requires a card I either just “forget” one, or write something on a piece of scrapbook paper to toss in (envelopeless) with the gift.

So a few months ago I saw these cards on D*S.   I loved the bright colors, and thought maybe I could recreate the letter press look with tissue paper. I think I like my version even better than the original because of the lovely texture in the paper. And it was very simple. Wanna see?

mad mim_tissue paper cards mad mim_tissue paper cards mad mim_tissue paper cardsStart with some tissue paper, a glue stick, your blank card (or blank cardstock), and scissors. mad mim card making_tissue paper cards

Cut your tissue paper into triangles that are slightly wider than the width of your card.mad mim card making_tissue paper cards

Using your glue stick, cover the back of a tissue triangle completely, and then press on. I feel silly even writing a tutorial for this.
mad mim card making_tissue paper cards

Repeat and each time overlap your triangle just a bit over the previous triangle. Keep a going until you get the desired look.
mad mim card making_tissue paper cards

Now just trimminy trim trim the excess from the edges and your done. Very pretty I think.mad mim card making_tissue paper cards

Here tis again with a different color combo.
mad mim card making_tissue paper cardsSo there you are. Try it out next time your scrambling for a card!

Have a lovely fall weekend!



These are lovely! Your tutorial was designed for people like me who need to be walked through even the simplest of techniques. Those who receive your thank you notes might even feel the need to create a card to return their gratitude to you. You bless the lives of so many people, probably without even knowing it.


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