Tiny’s Lullaby

I have a special little lullaby for each of my kids, and Tiny’s has been especially important because there’s been so many times–especially in the hospital post surgery–when I have had no way of comforting her, so instead I would get close to her face and just sing her song.

I feel SUPER shy about putting it on here, but anyway, here it is: Tiny’s Lullaby

PS the tune is from Disney’s Summer Magic. It’s called “On the Front Porch With You.”

Have a good weekend!

XO Mim

PPS a big thanks to my sweet bro Peter for helping me record, and also for playing the Ukulele!


Ginnie Wise

It’s lovely! What a nice thing for a girl to have… a recording of her mommy singing the song she’ll always remember. My grandfather (who just passed this week) used to sing me Edelweiss when I was small. Whenever I think of him, I hear him singing it.


What a sweet sweet memory! I have a similar thing with my grandad who passed away when I was just a girl. He used to sing the song Wabash Cannonball, and I love how that song brings back memories with him so warmly. Thanks for sharing.


That is so cute! I have a song for my angel baby too but it’s between me and her.
I’m pretty sure my next baby is going to have the first half of “I see the Light” from Tangled for his/her song. It just fits my situation so well!


Seriously Mim. Wow! You have such a beautiful voice and that song is so perfect. You are so talented. You kids really are blessed.


Beautiful! I love the idea of recording it for your babies to listen to later. I just might have to do that.

Emily Balling


Mim I am so glad you posted that, it was so beautiful that the second time I had to pick up Bridger even though he was asleep and tears were coming picturing both his darling eyes, and Harper’s ‘bright, wide’ eyes.

Also, I have a thank you card from our stay and on it I forgot to write this, and now seems like the perfect time to tell you. Hearing you sing Harper her other song to the tune of “Over in the Meadow” was the HIGHLIGHT of my stay. It was the tenderest summary of your angel mothering and it brought steamy tears to my eyes.

Love you sis,


That is charming! Great voice and mad ukulele skills. I think it is utterly enchanting. Lucky, lucky Harper


you have some serious talent there little lady!!! So when is your first cd coming out?! Adorable song. You rock x


Oh my gosh that makes me want to cry that’s so cute and sweet. I’d love to know what the other two lullabies are for Jo and Merritt. Gorgeous voice, too, by the way.


I totally use that song from Summer Magic to sing to Henry, still do. I love your rendition. The melody holds lots of memories for me.

Yam B Fan

Wish I could be a little fly on your wall and hear all the musical love that comes outa those pipes. So terrific– Encore!


American Idol, Mim, I’m telling you. You’d take the whole thing. You and Peter. AMAZING!! I LOVED it. Absolutely beautiful.


what a beautiful tune miriam! i love it. i love having different lullabyes for each child. thanks so much for sharing : )


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