Tiny Art: Watercolor Silhouettes

I know it may be a little late to hop on the silhouette train, but too bad. I decided that silhouettes are just pretty, and a wonderful way to memorialize a moment in your kid’s fleeting childhood.  I think they’re pretty classic, what about you?

I found these tiny glass-pane frames at DI a year or so ago, and when I busted them out whilst decorating my living room, I knew I wanted them to make a little trio of some themed art. At first I thought about kid’s art, or maybe sentimental memorabilia from Allan and my dating life (notes, ticket stubs etc), but I decided in the end to go with silhouettes of my kids. My sister did something similar to this, and I felt like hers shine as beautiful,  meaningful art in her home. And I felt like painting.

I tried free-handing them at first, but it was just bugging me that I couldn’t get them quite right. After a little old fashioned trial and error, I came up with a system that worked pretty well. First I took some solid profile shots of them while asking them to tell me a joke so I could get a nice, happy smile. I love smiling silhouettes! I sized the pictures down in photoshop, printed them out, and traced over the profiles with a fine tip sharpie pen. After that I used tracing paper over my print outs to trace the silhouettes with a pencil, and finally, I flipped the traced images down onto my water color paper, and transferred the images to my water color paper by rubbing the back with a smooth rock.  At that point it was easier to add in more details and adjust the profiles by hand until I was satisfied. I then water colored those babies, and called it good. I love how they turned out—they really make me smile.  And my kids are loving having portraits! It makes them think they’re pretty cool and important, which let’s be honest, they have a point.

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Those are so perfect Mim. I am in awe of you. I thought I was busy with projects, you bust them out daily!

Emily Balling

Fresh, beautiful, and amazing likeness. Its like your cute jelly beans jumped onto your wall. Good job. What a fun thing to have on the living room wall. I love little reminders of how cute my kids are on my wall.

Great job on all the stuff below too and Josie is ‘adorbs’. 😉

yam b fan

I love that your kids feel honored. I love that the pix are ‘adorbs.’ and I love that they are bright and cheerful. Score!


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