Tiny Art: Handwritten Letters

I’m a huge fan of tiny art. In my ‘umble opinion, it is the backbone of a really stellar gallery wall or shelf. And the beauty of it is how simple it can be; no need to spend any money! It is that sentimental something that you save in your top drawer: a note, a ticket, a business card. If you thought it was cool enough to save, then it could definitely rock a little wall space.

The other day when I was arranging my picture ledge in our new living room, I was searching for that special TINY little something to make the shelf sizzle. I came across a perfect little gold frame (2″ x 3″) that I had unearthed from the mountain of frames at DI several months ago, and started to think what I could put in it.  With Mary Kate’s Handwritten Letters project in the back of my mind, I came up with a tiny (1″tall) calligraphy T to fit the frame. It’s my first calligraphy attempt, and may be a little first-timesy, but I love it and what it adds to the shelf (more on that later!)

My five year old thought (emphatically) that it was a J, but it’s a T, folks. T for Tiny Art.

mad mim tiny art_handwritten T



I love it! I have always been fascinated by letters. Your post has inspired me to do more decorating with my scribbles.


I think it’s adorable. I have a tiny frame from high school graduation that still has the magazine ad I ripped out and put in there (with scrapbooking paper behind) that says “have fun, just don’t go overboard” I think it was an alcohol ad with a cruise ship or something…but I liked the phrase. Though 12 years later, I probably should make myself a little letter to replace it…


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