Tiny Art Ditching by Laura and John // Tiny Art Week

I audibly squealed and clapped my hands with delight when I read Laura’s post.  Laura is my cousin, and her blog Topsy and Havoc is one of my all-time faves. You have to check it out–it’s the dessert of my blogroll. It’s always funny and charming and pretty and clever and hilarious and just a treat. Seriously. Go check it out now. She and her husband John blog together, and there was never a more appealing duo. Laura is wry and funny, and John is quirky and creative. They both are sneaky, and this little nugget of tiny art brilliance is nothing short of the best idea ever. 
Havoc has a long record of leaving little treasures in peoples’ homes and around town without anyone knowing until they’re discovered later. And since we’ve been together, I sort of picked up the hobby as well. So for our “tiny art” post, we decided to do something similar.
We had prints made of a couple of Havoc’s paintings and shrunk them down to be teeny tiny. We also shrunk some photographs of us and printed them out on one sheet of card stock. And over the last few weeks we’ve been leaving our mark.
We hung up a tiny bunny portrait painting between two large paintings in a downtown restaurant/business area.


 Another bunny painting was placed on the drive-thru menu at Burger King. If you ordered a Whopper Combo Meal in this town, you saw it.


 Three photographs of me dancing in a red light room were left above the bed in my grandma’s guest room. It was a nice touch and a pop of color, don’t you think?
 Three horses trotted across a light that runs above a desk at the public library.


 A little man was placed in our friend’s rice container.


And last but not least, a mailman cruised around with a tiny picture of Havoc as a baby on the back of his truck all day.


Well now you know what to do on your next date.
Thanks so much for having us Mim! It made us realize that sometimes the tinier the art, the cooler the art. And we’ve already started incorporating more tiny art into our home decor.
Seriously Laura and John, I can hardly restrain myself from doing this immediately! I mean, what could possibly beat tiny art ditching?! That is definitely got to be the thing we all do this weekend. Thanks so much to all of my posters, Tiny Art Week was the bomb. It was so fun in fact, that I totally want to do it again next year! I definitely NEED a whole year though, to recover from posting EVERY.DAY. Although I don’t mean to keep THAT up, but I do have a really awesome tutorial for you come Monday! 



yam b fan

I haven’t had so much fun since the cat ate my brother. oh. I never had a brother. Well, good thing. Seriously, this was hiLARious. My fav is the poor little man drowning in rice–and imagining the owner of the rice discovering it. So fun. I also love the mental picture of art afficienados everywhere discovering cool art in such random places as libraries and Burger King menus. Way to make the world a better place! Let’s do it–let tiny art ditchers take over the world!


What a fun surprise to see your tiny art ditch sandwiched between my paintings (that I didn’t realize where still hanging)!! I painted those for a coffee shop a long time ago and the coffee shop owners left town and the landlord inherited the paintings. I’m glad they aren’t still in the basement!


ARe you serious?!? That is SO COOL!! I can’t wait to tell my cousin Laura! (the tiny art ditcher). And your paintings are incredible!!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

oh my goodness – this cracked me up. That baby pic on the back of the mail truck – LOL! And the man in the rice container? Love it! But I must say, I love your bunny prints! Very cute!


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