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mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_10Have you ever gone back to a place you used to work and nonchalantly mentioned to the current young employee that you used to work there as well, and they’re like cool. And you’re like yeah, cool. And you kinda get the feeling that they secretly aren’t buying it cause you’re just too old to have actually worked at a hip establishment like this. That happened to me once when I was at Coldstone Creamery; I told the fresh faced youth that I had once worked there, and she looked at me like in what lifetime, Grandma? 

I also kinda feel like that trying to blog around here. I click the New Post button and my Dashboard is like, whoa wait. Really? Reealllly? And I’m like I can blog if I want to, Dash. 

But anyway, I have this cool little DIY that I think is so great I want to send it out there to bump around the cosmic web and maybe end up on someone’s pin board. OR ON THEIR WALL (they’re REAL wall, people).

You know how I have a thing for tiny art, but sometimes it can be hard to frame. The tiny frame market is sparse, and in the past I’ve gotten creative when thinking of ways to frame tiny art. This easy DIY is cheap and easy, and is my fave way to frame those small pieces of awesomeness in a pretty way.  It is capable of making that important ticket stub or pretty postage stamp feel all grown up and legit and like they deserve a place in your gallery wall.

To do this you need a couple of things that are cheap and worth investing in.

  • glass cutter
  • Metal Book Corners, also called scrapbooking corners, photo corners, menu corners and like half a dozen other things. People really need to come a consensus on this point.
  • glass from unused or broken frames
  • needle nose pliers, protective gloves, ruler, marker

Grab you reject glass and with a dry erase marker (or any marker really) mark off the dimensions of your frame. Your going to have to cut across the entire length of the glass, so keep that in mind.

mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_01 mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_02

Then after you dig up your garden gloves for safety (cause GLASS) place a quilter’s ruler where you want the cut, and starting at the VERY edge, carefully and firmly run the glass cutter along your marked line. It really should be called a glass scorer, cause that’s all it’s doing. Scoring the glass. The trickiest part are the very beginning and very ends–you want to go a little gingerly there, but make sure to score right to the ends.
mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_03

mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_04

Now for the fun part. Place your score line right on top of a hard edge, gently push the overhanging edge down, and POP.  The glass will snap right at the score line. Big time thrill.mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_05

Repeat for the other side. If I want to float something in the glass, I’ll cut a matching pane, so that I can sandwich the art between two pieces of glass.  It’s important to note that in order to do that the glass must be very thin so the book corners can fit around the two pieces; you can find thin glass in some frames, but I don’t know what else to tell you about where to find it. What I usually do is cut a piece of white cardstock and thin chip board to match the glass, and sandwich the art in this order: glass, art, white cardstock, and chipboard.

mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_06Once you have everything sandwiched, add the gold corners one at a time; use some needle nose pliers to gingerly pinch the corners around the art. Kaboom. Beautiful, cheap and easy.
mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_07

And then go nuts. I use this technique all the time, here are a few pieces from around the house that I’ve framed this way. 
mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_09

mad_mim_tiny art_book corner frames_11

In other news, baby Girl is doing great, she’s just the best. Finally getting into the rhythm of four kids, and so I felt like it was time to shake things up. I’m planning on opening up an online shop! I have officially tripped over the line between hobbiest and artist (self declared of course), and I’m going to start selling some of my original hand printed art prints and anything else I want. Oh and of course the Boho Baby Blanket for a limited time! (don’t know what I’m talking about? See my instagram!) In addition to opening a shop, my hubs is working on helping with a site redesign, so look for that in the next month, cool cool cool. AND, I’m also going to sell at my very first handmade fair, the Beehive Bazaar December 3-5 at the Startup Building! (111 W 600 S Provo). I’m pretty pumped, come and see me if you’re in the area!!



A lot of my very favourite blogs have really slowed down or fizzled out in the last two or three years. I only started reading sewing blogs about 3.5 years ago, so it kind of feels like the glory days were over before I ever even heard about the bandwagon, much less jumped on it, haha. As soon as I got attached to a particular blog, it seemed like it was done. In the last year with a preemie (and three other kids) and moving several times and intense renos going on right now, it’s been hard to find time for anything. I don’t have the energy or brain power, or even interest to search out the newest and brightest blogs, so I return to my old faithfuls day after day and I am inordinately pleased when something new is actually posted!

I think this is a really cool idea, and if I ever get to the point of being able to put stuff up on the walls, I will definitely use this. If only the thrift stores here carried cooler art.


I do read blogs from time to time, and I appreciate those who are working hard to out out good content, but I just can’t keep up! It makes me feel good to know that when I do post, that someone is out there to read❤️


haha i felt the same way about my blog after not posting for a couple months! and it’s soooo hard to really get back in the rhythm of it – i can’t believe how i ever found the time/motivation to blog twice a week. was i nuts?

anyway! i’m here for you too, miriam, and this is a great little project! think i need a glass cutter now!


I know right?? Like how did I have time to edit that many photos?! Ah, those were CRAYzy times…. I love you Kristin, I hope we get to meet someday for real❤️


i love these tiny frames! How do you prop them up? it looks like they’re not leaning against the wall, so what are you leaning them against? And good luck at the Beehive bazaar – you’ll do GREAT!


Hah! I think I grabbed one of my kid’s blocks to prop it up! And I usually use tacky wall putty to put them on th wall!
And thanks for the encouragement Kristie!


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