Time to Sew, Yo // The Wrist Pin Cushion

mad mim_wrist pin cushion diy_06

One of the gems from my LA trip, was a dinky little wrist pin cushion I got at Golden Cutting and Sewing Supplies.  I just grabbed it last second before we were leaving, and it came to pass that it has been one of the handiest little thing! I love it! No more searching for you pins only to discover you left it at the cutting table, and then when you’re at your cutting table you have to go ALL THE WAY OVER to your sewing table to retrieve them again.  Back and forth, back and forth, the pin cushion fetching never ends.  It’s unreasonable. So at the risk of sounding ridiculous, I’ll say this sleek little sewing accessory has simplified my life significantly. PS I know it’s not sleek at all.

Which is why I decided to whip a few up for some friends! Besides the fact that mine is WAY cuter than the one I bought, it was a fun little project–my six year old made one along with me, and enjoyed the simple hand stitching.

Round up:

  • a couple different complimentary scraps of fabric (about 5″ square for the larger piece)
  • some stuffing
  • a bit of elastic
  • a bit of ribbon
  • a juice lid
  • a glue gun
  • and a needle and thread

Cut out your circles using this amazingly complex circle template. Gotta remember to copyright that masterpiece. You want to use your really spectacular fabric for the larger circle. mad mim_wrist pin cushion diy_03

Take your smaller circle and baste all around it with a needle and thread. Make sure you start with some really secure whip stitches, a simple knot isn’t sufficient. Cinch it up tight around your juice lid, whip stitch again, and then stitch across it several times to really secure that bad boy in there. *Note that my fabric shown here is melon colored on one side, and bubblegum on the other, just didn’t want you to be confused.

mad mim_wrist pin cushion diy_04

Cut a length of elastic that fits comfortably around your wrist with about an inch overlap. You want it snug, but don’t go crazy, eh? I don’t want anybody’s circulation to be cut off. Stitch together.

mad mim_wrist pin cushion diy_01

Now repeat the whole whip stitch, baste and cinch process with your larger circle. Stuff it within an inch of its life, and then whip stitch and cross secure several times. After I got to this point I continued to stuff it through the stitching til it was tight and firm just like my bum. HAH! You’ll have to do some adjusting to get a nice even flattened sphere. mad mim_wrist pin cushion diy_02

Now. Wrap your elastic (centered) around your juice lid, and then sandwhich it to your cushion. Secure by whip stitching around the whole thing (base fabric to cushion fabric). Go around twice if you like to reside on the safe side. 
mad mim_wrist pin cushion diy_05

Bust out your glue gun and carefully glue a pretty ribbon over the gap between cushion and base. Or not, this step is optional, but i think you’ll sleep better if you go ahead and do it, just saying.  
mad mim_wrist pin cushion diy_07

Ta daaaaaa. Say that Miranda style just for me. mad mim_wrist pin cushion diy_08



Would you believe that I don’t own any pin-cusions?!? Probably, since you don’t know me or whether I even sew very much. But I don’t. I just drop them in the little plastic container that they came in.

But this, this is cute. I might have to make one for myself. Thanks for sharing!


Just YESTERDAY I was telling my husband how I needed one of these because I’m sick of the continual pin search. Thank you!


This is so cute! Adorable! Thanks for sharing. I teach sewing & I am going to show my students this as an idea for a fast & useful project. I’m curious though, is the one you purchased stuffed with stuffing or the same product in the old fashioned tomato pin cushions? I think I read one time that that product – whatever it is- helps to sharpen your pins. I wonder if anyone knows what that product is & if it can be purchased to use in this pin cushion pattern.
Also, where do you get your knit fabric that you used in your maxi skirt tutorials? I am just starting to branch out & sew more with knits & my local fabric shop is pathetic.


Hi Tina! I have heard about the “sharpening” stuffing, but no, I just used regular craft stuffing. But you can use steel wool instead, and that will do the trick! http://www.craftypod.com/2008/07/07/a-sharp-little-idea-get-it/
Also, I get my knits mostly from a local guy who manufactures clothing and sells me his remnants. BUt the fabric I used for the white patterned maxi skirt is from the fabric fairy , and I have also gotten great knits from Hancock fabrics and even JoAnn. And lots of people love lowpricefabric.com!

the mither

What I love here is the sheer abandon of making an enthusiastic pin cushion big enough for serious pins! I know I’d have been much more stingy about space–but why? I love when people have such great ideas that are so simple. You just have to wonder why it has taken so long to come to this??? Men on moon? Check. Smart phone? Check. Intrauterine fetal
surgery? Check. Decent (AND Darling!) wrist pin cushion? Check! Now we’re talkin’ about something that effects the daily lives of the REST of us . . . . .

Marti Morgan

I have searched for a good wrist pin cushion pattern and found yours. This is exactly what I was looking for! I love having my pins on my wrist and have used one of those skinny red ones with the plastic ban for years – now my wrist is thicker and it hurts! Plus my eye site isn’t up to par and I seem to push the pins right thru to my skin, ouch! Knew that there was a better way and here you are……thanks so much. Got to go sew one right now!


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