Holiday Hoopla: The (styrofoam) Cranberry Garland

As I rushed through the dollar store on Thursday night looking for some clothes pins, I spied these pretty bright decorative container-fillers, and grabbed them because of their beautiful arresting color–a deep wine with purple and pink undertones. I loved the variance in color; they reminded me of cranberries, which look so gorgeous strung up on a Christmas tree. I’ve always wanted a cranberry garland for my tree in years past, but I never had quite enough, and was always frustrated how they tend to split with pierced. When I got home I began to string these babies, and they strung splendidly.

The next day and night and day we spent at the hospital with Tiny–she had an endoscopy and an impedance probe done.  It was awful, they insisted on pulling her feeding tube, so poor girl went THIRTY EIGHT hours without eating, although she was on IV fluids. LAME. I was super stressed/frustrated/upset, and was glad to have something to calm my nerves.  I brought these mess-makers along to string in my down time. I’m pretty sure I may be the only parent who brings a sizeable crafting bag along with diapers and extra clothes (I also brought my felt because I have a terrible fear of being stuck somewhere without something to do). I wonder what housekeeping thought when they found tiny red styrofoam balls underneath and in the cracks of the couch….:)

mad mim_styrofoam cranberry garland mad mim_styrofoam cranberry garland

mad mim_making garland at hospital

I can’t wait to get our tree set up! Now I just got to come up with a stocking for Tiny!



I’ve been looking for red “beads” to hang on the tree but didn’t want to pay as much as I’ve been seeing. Gotta go check out my dollar store because these are awesome!!

Good luck with your little babe.

Emily Balling


What was the turn out of Harpsie’s endoscopy?

What a SCORE! I was sadly thinking that this year would be the first in many without my beautiful cranberry string, yes this may be the year we just won’t pull that one off. How pretty its been in the past. So those are made from styrophome? Was it green backs? The only problem with dollar stores are they are soooooo inconsistent from one to the next it seems. It would be great if I could find something like that. Brilliant idea.

I am excited to see what you turn out for the latest stocking. I guess you haven’t seen George’s yet, eh? Well its fairly simple, and I used one of those already embroidered onto fabrics from Walmart (I bought in UT, no fab at Wally here, Wally’s worthless here, thats for sure. And I put some extra ribbons and treats on it.)
I made a princess dress for Hazel using Make it and love it’s Cinderella dress, and I am so excited to give it to her. Its from a sort of pink satiny thinnish material with a gold princess panel. I finished Riley’s blanket and just need to sew Rawl a vest. That’ll make me happy if I can get done, but I have a thousand other functional and fun things to do, if I can so we’ll see. But I did make Mary and Joseph from that link I gave out and they are quite charming. I am very excited to see your matruska ornaments here soon. 🙂 Love ya,


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I got them at The Dollar Tree, and if you live near Utah county, it was the one next to Macey’s grocery store on State and Bulldog.


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