The Stick Horse

I guess this is Bullseye. I prefer animals with less predictable names, but my kids–who get the last word–think it’s a fine name for a fine horse.

This was my big homemade present for my two year old son, but it’s been equally loved so far by his name-choosing sister.

mad mim_stick horse_2

mad mim _stick horse_1
mad mim_stick horse_3

I had to make up the pattern I used, because I couldn’t find anything out there that I liked or had the look I was going for. ¬†Usually when I do that I try and make a tutorial or something so I can contribute to the crafting community’s particular void, but due to a crazy season and late night crafting, I took no photos or even saved the pattern I made. But I’ll be making another one of these beauties soon, and I’m planning on doing a tutorial/pattern for the second time around, so stay tuned.



I’d love it if you posted a tutorial/pattern. My nephew was playing with an old wrapping paper tube as though it was a horsey. He needs one!

Bullseye turned out very cute!


Great, i know four little kiddies who would love one of these beauties…good work sista! x


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