Cascade Ruffle-Front Tee

When I first tried this on for my husband, he said “Wow. You made yourself a Puffy Shirt.” That is this shirt’s true and rightful name–I just put “Cascade Ruffle Front”  on the tutorial because it sounded more searchable.  Besides Seinfeld, I saw this shirt first at Jcrew, but have since seen it surface other places.  This took me just over an hour to whip up, and I bought the fabric for $2.25 (a yard and a half) at Hancock’s in their bargain fabric section.  Definitely my new go-to shirt.

See the Puffy Shirt Tutorial below!

PLEASE don’t judge me for my photo shoots.  I really was talking to my mom on the phone. I had to do it sometime (take these pictures of course). Modeling for these photos was the WwwwwwwwWORST part of doing all this. Ughg. So, sorry..

Before you start this tutorial you’ll need to cut out 4-5 strips of fabric (the same as your t-shirt fabric…or not, whatever you want)  that are cut in a descending size i.e. 3 inches by 17 inches, 3 X 15, 3 X 13, 3 X 11, 3 X 9.

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Hope you dig!  May your ruffles be the puffiest of all!



I like your blog, and great job with the shirt!

One quick comment, though. I’m pretty sure this is a how-to for a plain ruffle-front tee and not J. Crew’s Cascade Tee. The Cascade Tee is asymmetric with ruffles starting near the shoulder and working back and forth…whereas the ruffle-front tee is symmetric, like your tutorial here.


That’s funny! I actually made up the name cascade ruffle front tee–it’s not a direct name swipe from anything (or at least I didn’t mean it to be). I just named it that because it sounded like the best description of the shirt (I think it’s a mix between the jcrew shirt and one at downeastoutfitters). I actually don’t think that the cascade tee at jcrew was in existence when I made the tutorial. Thanks for the clarification, and I love the new asymmetric version they have!


You are AMAZING! And, I have to tell you I love everything you make. So inspiring. In fact, your tutorial was so perfect for someone like me who doesn’t even know how to sew yet (I did mine all by hand – Sewing machine is coming for Christmas, yay for me!). I revamped a plain tee I had in the closet and just finished a post documenting my adventure. Thanks again! Check it out at whenever you’re free and have nothing else better to do. Did I say I think you’re amazing? Well, you should hear it again.

Silvana D. Potter

You keep my hands busy because of your sewing skills and I would like to say thank you for that.

Mary Rose

I love your tutorial and I love the concept even more! I have been doing some jazzing up with my old tees lately and I have been getting a lot of ideas from the internet. I am so glad I came upon your post. I’m definitely trying this one out next.

Mary Rose


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