The Prison Stripes Dress

Do you ever start sewing with one look in mind, and end up with something completely different? Like a project that just keeps evolving, and you just sort of roll with it and hope it turns out decent?

That was this dress. I actually intended to make this long, flowy,  maxi shirt-dress, but I don’t know what happened. Yes I do, this seer sucker was 60% off. I still wanted to make it maxi, not really thinking things through, and when I finished I took one peek in the mirror and just laughed. Think…Little House on the Prairie. So it sat overnight and I thought about how in the world I could salvage the train wreck.  I eventually realized that it had the potential of looking like a dress that my friend wore a few months ago that I had really liked. I remembered it because when I complimented her on it she said that it was her mother-in-law’s from Russia, and that although she liked it, she had always felt like it looked like a prison uniform. So the next night I took it the skirt all apart, reconfigured those blasted pockets (so suckers would NOT lie flat), and re-imagined the whole dress. At one point I asked Allan what he thought and when he said it looked like a prison uniform, I knew I was headed in the right direction. Thankfully, I like the way it turned out. And I can still make that flowy maxi sometime…I’m thinking when the gauze goes on sale.

Mad Mim sewing_Prison Stripes Dress_3 Mad Mim sewing_Prison Stripes Dress_1

Check out these sweet Twinklean & David handmade Italian shoes I thrifted a while back…kinda tight, but so worth it. Mad Mim sewing_Prison Stripes Dress_4

And I recently rescued this necklace from someone’s DI-giveaway pile. What a save, right?! It’s so art-deco. 

Later this week I’ll tell you about what I did with all the excess fabric that I hacked off from the bottom. It involves coral piping!



You are amazing. And you are looking ever-so-trim and gorgeous! Love the dress and I don’t think it looks like a prison uniform.


Thank you for your super awesome comment! I was very flattered! I think you are a very inspiring blogger and I can’t wait to see what you make next!


First, I really like the dress, and the pockets are astronomical. But to me it’s not a prison look, but a 1960s waitress look. Think a big fat wad off chewing gum, order pad and pencil in the pocket, loaded arms with steamin’ hot food-you got it! All good.


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