The Pioneer Maxi Skirt

I’m proud to go back to my pioneer roots with this skirt. I’m beginning to think they had it right back then, because long skirts are the bomb (minus all those pettycoats).



I used a grey tshirt fabric that I have loads of (want some?), and dyed it sea foam green and then realized my dye was too light and fabric too dark so i ombrified with turquoise which you can’t tell at all from these photos.

I think I like long maxi skirts because you can be super modest, and at the same time (semi secretly) you’re as open and free as the Smithsonian. Which I’ll bet has a handcart somewhere.




I would love to make a skirt from some. Just finding time to do so. BTW- love this skirt!!! So cute and relaxing!


I love that skirt, it looks so cute on you. I seriously think it looks so comfortable and light right now.
And I totally agree with you on the clean house thing. I can make things work if my floor is clean….always!


I love my only maxi dress but now that I’m nursing again I should make some Maxi skirts. Yours looks great.
P.S.– You look great! Hope recovery and newborn-ness is going well.

Emily Balling


I say go pioneer woman go! You look nothing like a pioneer, but love that description Modest, and FREE as a jaybird. Love the striped shirt too.
Versatile, casual, comfortable and so cute!

So tell us more of its construction. Did you invent the pattern? Is it A-lined or rectangle?

Good luck today!! Thinking and praying for you.

P.S. Cleaning is never done, I am usually cleaning instead of crafting. But when I craft….I am not cleaning, I suppose.


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