The Mod Wallet

I drew my sister-in-law Mere for Christmas this year, who wanted a wallet–something modern, something neutral, something functional.  I based my color scheme off these shoes, which I knew she really liked.  I made up the wallet pattern, because I couldn’t find a tutorial for a bi-fold with vertical card holders.  The leather detail really makes the wallet, if you ask me. When I started looking for leather, I called the local Tandy’s Leather shop, and asked how much they sold their scraps for. I think she quoted me at something ludicrous like my First Born (it was $15 per 8″ square, I think).  I decided to swing by a local leather shop that I remembered driving by, and was thrilled when I stopped by and found bins and bins of scraps for $2 per square foot. He gave me three 6″ squarish pieces for $1. SOLD!!

mad mim sewing_Mere's wallet_5
mad mim sewing_Mere's wallet_4 mad mim sewing_Mere's wallet_3 mad mim sewing_Mere's wallet_6 mad mim sewing_Mere's wallet_1

mad mim sewing_Mere's wallet_2I love how this turned out, and I think she did too.  Now about one for me…



That looks so good. Amazing! Well done.
Wish I had a leather shop close that sold stuff that cheap. I have a few projects in mind.


cool! I want to make myself a wallet pouch- my old one’s zipper broke. I found a tutorial online, but thought it was confusing (or maybe it was just late..) I’m planning on using my old one as a pattern.


Next time you need leather PLEASE call me. You can go to Rustico and get scraps for FREE! Bc your cool like that 🙂 We have HUGE HUGE bins full of it. Already sorted into the appropriate colors.

And OMG on the wallet!!! Adoreable!!! I love it!


Uuum really???? That really just makes all my leather dreams come true. SOOO excited!! ps i loved your skinny jeans post, they turned out soooo awesome!


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