The Jenny Skirt with Suspenders

So, I first saw this skirt at my new blogging friend Julie’s blog. She’s got some really juicy projects over there, and I’m pretty sure I looked at this post 83 times while I was making the skirt.  It’s this pattern from BurdaStyle, and PS have you been there lately? They’ve got some smokin’ patterns there for FREE or almost free. I recently rediscovered it’s exceptional merit as a resourceful website.

This pink fabric was a lucky thrift store find, that I originally made into this dress. I made up the pattern after a vintage designer maternity dress I saw in a book, but it just didn’t turn out. I wore it once or MAYBE twice, and felt like a 5 year old. I put in two different sleeves, and was unsatisfied with both;  I eventually gave it the ax, and put that pretty pink fabric to better use.

Jenny Skirt with Suspenders Jenny Skirt with Suspenders

(See my little man trying to catch up with me?)

Jenny Skirt with Suspenders



It’s beautiful! can you write a tutorial on how you close the slit, though? most of the slits in patterns are a bit too much for me, but I can’t eliminate them completely if I want to be able to walk…


Thanks! Because this dress is lined, it made it really easy to deal with the slit issue. I just sewed a panel to the lining, that was the same length of the skirt. That way it gave me the movement of the slit, but no upper thigh showing, which let’s be honest—NO body wants to see my upper thigh. Does that answer your question?


1. I freaking love the dress.
2. How do you have such a great body after 2 kids?!
3. I love the (new?) paint in the stairwell. Awesome!


Holy FREAKING crap Mim! I love it. I am so glad you found Julie’s blog and now you two can take over the world with your hotness and handmade goodies!!

You are simply beautiful and amazingly talented! What more can I say?


wow wow wow!!! I aspire to be like you. this is amazing transformation.
you got to love burda for their stylish patterns 🙂


Mim! you are such a hottie and so amazingly talented!!!! I love everything you do!!! 🙂

Peni Gardner

Creating something new from an old dress is really impressive. What’s even great is that you made it look even better.


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