The Hair Hormone

Although unresesarched, I am nevertheless positive of the existence of a certain hormone that is greatly affected by childbirth. It, among all it’s other little hormone pals, is thrown hopelessly out of whack post-partum. I’ll unofficially name it the Hair Hormone. It’s that hormone that makes you itch for change–makes you scramble desperately for anything that will help you shed the old you and start afresh as quickly as possible. Now this is a problem because you can’t just go out and buy a few cute new outfits to give you a quick lift; you’re in that woeful size that is much to large to invest any new wardrobe in–and besides, you won’t be here long, right? And yet you’re far to ample to fit into anything you used to feel cute in pre-pregnancy. Sadly, you can’t magically whisk away all that ampleness, so don’t look there for your quick-fix. That leaves your hair. It’s longer and maybe a little more healthy now because you took all those prenatal vitamins. That’s good. Now you have more to work with. You MUST have some change, and your hair is your only option. So you chop. Or you color. Or in particularly tragic cases, you perm. It’s not your fault, it’s the Hormone. You’re a victim of imbalance.

And that’s where I’m at, and here’s what I’m thinking:

Long, slouchy bangs like Zooey’s mad mim hair deliberations

Or short and playful like this Chico’s ad I tore from Real Simple like four years ago

mad mim hair deliberations


Or just dye it again. Something a little more golden I think. I actually love the color of that Chico’s girl.

What do you think?




I am seeing the shorter cuts lately on women/moms and I want to cut mine so badly but can’t do it! I think either way would be adorable on you!


chop it!!!!!! Do it! It is such an amazing feeling and well my husband thinks it’s sexy, so that’s a plus especially after having been pregnant right? Be brave get the SEXY short cut!


To be honest, think long and hard about what you can maintain (in terms of required visits to the hairdresser) before you make a drastic change. It might be you can get there every couple of months, and that break will be great for you. In that case go for it. If (like me) it’s more like twice a year till your kids are at school then cutting a fringe is possibly a bad move. Go shoe or accessory shopping instead! (Having said that, I just cut mine short & I love it.)


yeah, go with short,,,i am always cutting mine off…and look, if all else fails…blame it on the hormones and eventually it will grow back right?! Sure you’ll look super hot :o)


i would advocate going short! It is easy to care for and chic. An added plus is that it would show off your fab farmers market earrings that I love!


Hey, I’m there with you, without the extra hormones. I think there’s something extra in the air. I kinda want to chop mine more. If you’re still back and forth you should go for the bangs first and if they aren’t enough cut the whole thing. Either way the bangs will be shorter, so you can give yourself a testing ground. I LOVED having the slouchy bangs. Either way you are one hot mama. I can’t wait to see what you’ve decided!


MIM! I AM THERE! And did I tell you I chopped it? I’m even shorter than Chico girl. And I love it. It took me about 3 haircuts to get here, though. Maybe start with the bangs and if that doesn’t do it for you, cut a little more off. If that still doesn’t do it, just hack away. It has been just the thing I needed to help me “re-invent” myself. (And I want to swear at my post-partum clothing options. I will probably be buried in the elastic waist cargo pants I wear about 5 out of 7 days of the week. Kill me!)


I had a little girl the same week you did and I’m going through THE EXACT SAME THING! I’m actually considering a hair cut a lot like the Chico girl’s. 🙂


I’d say go for the color change first as you can change it back rather quickly if it doesn’t “do it” for you. Short hair, not so easy to resolve. However, I had mine short thru all the babies, and am just now growing in back out after years of “sexy shortness” or at least I like to think it was. Even still I’m torn to go shorter again–just got to get past the yuck stage of growing it out.


Two words: BUZZ CUT. Match that with a pair of sexy earrings and people will hit on you everywhere you go.

Emily Balling

Its a rough go as far as appearances go, such an awkward time…jr. high all over? Its times like these when Russia comes in mind, no mirrors around but just head up.

A smile even when its not heart felt sorta is the best gift you can give the mirror, maybe? I grew out my bangs and as painful as it was a million times over how refreshing it feels now, I love it and can I say, as I haven’t just had a baby… I think my face shape is really growing on me….but I live where it is humid and anything on my face was a sort of Chinese torture. I think you are beautiful without bangs, your face doesn’t take any getting used to without bangs like mine, and in fact its beautiful and striking as such…my vote is sweepy side bangs if you do them, or just add a few more layers to your head, they are always a light, welcome, bouncy pick me up? Thats my two cents. Good luck I hope you feel as beautiful as you are.


I love your description of the Hair Hormone! I totally whacked all my hair off after Z was born and I understand where you are coming from. I LOVED your short do in college and I think you would totally rock it if you went short. However, I am of the opinion that basically, your hair is always cute. And I am not just saying that. Every time I see a picture of you, I always think how cute your hair is. And that goes for when I see you in person too. Love you tons!!
Can’t wait to see what you decide!


Ahhhh, the Hairmoan! I loved short hair for awhile, but I found that it takes a TON more time to fix, because nothing is faster than the classic pony when you need a fast fix. You are one of those lucky souls who look beautiful with your hair pulled back, or down, or WHATEVER! Whatever you do will be winsome.


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