The Fly-Fisher Earrings

When my mother-in-law very benevolently let me raid her stash of old craft supplies, I asked her about these pretty spotted feathers.  She said she thought they were  from my father-in-law’s assortment of fly-fishing feathers, and had just been mistakingly stuffed with the tracing paper and glitter.

They’ve served me well on several different projects, but none better than with these earrings where I can sport the feather-trend as well as feel a bit out-doorsy all in one go.  I fear though, that if I did ever venture out for a fly-fishing excursion, that my earrings would be irresistible to the fish and  they would sail out of the water and bite at my ears. Better stay at home, and keep my ears safely intact on either side of my head.

Mad Mim jewelry_the Fly-Fisher Earring


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