Colorblocked Peplum Swimsuit

I’ve got an ever-replenished supply of wet towels strewn about the patio and a constant pool of water collecting under some wet little body in my kitchen which indicates that yes, indeed, it’s Summer.  My kiddos sort of just live in their swimsuits, so I find that I need several to rotate through–I’m not sure what’s so tortuously awful about putting on a wet suit, but you’d think it was akin to water-boarding by the way my gal  protests.  Consequently I’ve had to whip up a couple to accommodate her growing torso and demand for a supply of dry suits.

This swimsuit was inspired this Marc By Marc Jacobs Colorblocked Peplum Maillot, and I used this Kwik Sew K3785 as a jumping off point. I had already cut the pattern out from her suit last summer, and although she’s grown and needed a size up, I tried to just eyeball it, and that process, in combination with completely altering pretty much everything about the pattern, took approximately too long.  Although I COMPLETELY LOVE IT, and sheesh, does it look scrumptious on her, I’m not completely happy with it.  I’m not sure how long it will fit her, and I can already tell after two times wearing it, that the fabric isn’t high quality and is going to fuzz and ball (I think I bought it from Denver fabrics last year).  Oh well. It’s pretty adorable right now, and swimsuits are (usually) quick and easy to whip up. I’m actually already working on another for her.

I am also seriously contemplating a Mama-version of this suit for myself. Yes? Although I really love the first suit I made for myself (it’s holding up great), I’m hesitating to make another because I wasn’t happy with the bra insert in the end, and don’t know if there’s anything better out there. My sister Em just made an ADORABLE swim shirt and she just used a normal bra, which I hadn’t thought of. Maybe that’s the ticket? Or do you have an insert that you have used and really liked?

As always when I talk about swimsuit sewing, I must refer you to the fount of all swimsuit knowledge aka Renae’s blog. I review all her tutorials each time I start a swim project, just because there’s so much helpful information there. I’ll say it again: THANK YOU for providing such a wealth of information!

Are you intimidated by swimwear? Have you ever tried sewing a suit, and if so, did you wear it and did it hold up? Have you seen any killer swimsuit designs out there that you’d love to recreate?  Dish!


Heather Feather

adorable! the colors are great. it looks so feminine and sophisticated.
i love making swimsuits. i took a swimsuit class though so that helped a lot. i’ve made 3.5 for myself. one i made before i took the class, it was a big fat fail, but the other two are good. i still have to finish the last one though!

Shannon Wood

I’ve made a tankini I really like. Having a long torso, making my own or scandalous tankinis are my only choice. I took a class, and learned from this Kwik-sew book.–swim—action-wear-products-22720.php?page_id=3505
I really like it because it comes with patterns for 1 and 2 piece swimsuits, leggings, bike shorts (my swim bottom of choice–high waisted tucks everything in nice thankyouverymuch) and cute little dance wear stuff. It was really helpful for learning alterations to patterns as well. I always go to spandexworld for my stretchy stuff too. Seems to hold up after 2 years of adult wear. That was a lot of info but I really liked making suits with it. 🙂


Thank you SO much for this tip! I have a Kwik Sew Baby clothes book by Kerstin Martinsson, and love it. I can’t wait to get this! Thanks!!

Beth M. Stephenson

Very cute with no peeky cheeky!
I made a few suits years ago but found my best luck in cutting down old ones of mine (or thrifted) for my little girl. They were super easy. Also, you might find a swimbra in a thrifted suit.


thanks for this post! Its very timely – I was thinking of trying to sew my own suit but had no idea where to start. They are ridiculously expensive to buy considering how little material they take to make.


Super cute, and I think a skirted tankini version would be even better.
I’ll have to try the sew sassy cups next go round. I think I got mine at JoAnn’s the first time, and they were a little fifties-pointed-chest for me..
My sister Em said (who lives in MN) said that she had a friend who went to your swimsuit-making-party, and had a great time. I was just jazzed that we have an actual person to person connection, although I don’t know who my sister’s friend is!


I’ve made a few swim suits for me and my girls. For me, being larger busted, I make styles that have a seam under the bust, and no cups or wires (too scared). I did have to do a FBA on my Kwik Sew pattern K3779, LOL. I won’t make a suit with a “one piece” style front, like what real swimmers wear. THere’s a new pattern out that I really want to make: She says there’s cups, but I’m not sure they’d be needed. Remember, the more seams, the more support and custom fit you can get 🙂
I LOVE the suit you made here. That’s the pattern I base my kids’ suits on but I”m not nearly as creative as you! (The last one got a ruffle because I cut the body too short!)


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