The Bomb Toasted Oatmeal Breakfast

I have three breakfasts that I rotate through. Every morning I treat myself to one of the following : a green smoothie, steel cut oats and berries, or toasted oatmeal, with flax seed and berries. They’re all delicious, and I thought I’d share the latter, because the sun was shining so nicely in my kid’s nursery (aka photo studio) last saturday before I ate, that I just had to take pictures of something. That, and it’s really delicious.

Toasted oatmeal with flax seed, berries and yogurt:

1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats

1 Tablespoon flax seed

1 T almond slivers

1/2 cup berries (I usually use the frozen berries from Costco

1/3 cup greek yogurt. I use the Fage fat free kind, but do whatever your heart tells you is best.

splash of vanilla

sweeter to taste (I use a dusting, and I mean just the tiniest little skiff of pure stevia.

Spread your oatmeal, flax seed and almonds out on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.  Set your oven on broil, and then pop it in and watch closely. It only takes like a minute. You’ll hear the flax seed popping and your kids will ask you if your making popcorn. Take it out when it’s nice and toasty brown. In a bowl mix your yogurt with vanilla and sweetner, then pour your dry toasted oats etc. over and top with your berries (defrost them if they’re frozen!) This is so rico. That’s Spanish for delicious. So good. Tasty, yummy, guilty indulgence.  The crunchy texture with creamy yogurt and tart berries is The Bomb, and yes I felt it necessary to capitalize that.

I would LOVE to hear you’re healthy and delicious favorite breakfast. I’d be thrilled to a throw something else in the rotation. Feel free to leave a link in your comment!




that sounds wonderful! PS I got a spam looking email from you, you might want to change your password


Looks so delicious.that I might try it, been looking for something to replace the carne guisada taco habit.. Thanks for the recipe.


I am in love with my greek yogurt parfaits…I usually make a large barch and freeze in baggies so i just have to wake up and pull out a bag of premade yogurt. Then no dirty blender each day. I do about 2 cups greek yogurt, 2 really ripe bananas ( for sweetness), and a good helping of frozen berries. Depending on how healthy you are trying to be and how good your blender is, leave it as is, or use a bit of liquid to to thin down, milk or some juice (i love orange pineapple). Blend. Top with kashi granola and berries. I love to top with frozen blueberries. Yum yum.


I used to eat oatmeal frequently, or Bran flakes (with cranberries and almond slivers), but have since discovered I’m carb intolerant which caused insulin resistance. So now my breakfasts are eggs, sausages, bacon, protein smoothie, nuts and cheese (not all at once, LOL), etc. I always noticed a difference in my energy when I had a high protein breakfast, but it was usually dampened by the sedating effects of carbs, and then I’d be hungry again too soon. Now, one egg gets me through the entire morning, not just two hours like my bran flakes used to 🙂 But I still think your breakfast looks yummy!


Mmmm…you’ve got me crav’n it, sounds…simple…and healthy and delicious!

Our repetoire is toast, green shakes, oatmeal w/ varied toppings and I make this very easy thing called…porridge. Either we eat cracked wheat (pulse wheat a bit in your blender) or cornmeal porridge, its really quite good, 1 cup cornmeal and FOUR cups water, yeah it takes a lot of water, then choose sweet creamy honey or buttery salt and peppa!

Wednesdays I make a breakfast especial, like muffins or pancakes, speaking of, that 28 whole health food link I sent has the easy blender pancake recipe you use straight wheat in your blender to make, I half the oil it calls for and its nice and simple, but ho-ho, I just realized a link that you WANT. Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with this nice little crunch caused by the millet you put in…rico as you’d put it and all whole wheat you can’t even tell.



Mmm, toasting sounds so yummy! Do you ever do muesli? Just soak the oats in milk overnight or in the morning, then add flax, yogurt, any flavor, berries, shredded apple, nuts ( i love walnuts!) and dried fruit (raisins and craisins). I add the raisins to soak the night before because for some gross reason I like them all fat and tender. It’s one of my very favs, esp now that its warming up!! But I also agree with Tracy, I found that just eating an egg straight up keeps me happy and have more energy all morning. Also we eat oat bran a lot round here- 6 g of fiber per serving! Awesome and reeeally fast and easy to make, we top with a bit o honey and cut strawberries if we have ’em. The girls and I call it our bear mush, I like it even better then cooked oatmeal these days. Finally, we do crepes and german pancakes at least once a week, I make them with white whole wheat flour and we top them with applesauce or yogurt and sauteed apples or canned fruit. mmm, I love breakfast!


Dude Trine those sound amazing. I want to grill you about all of them, because I want to broaden my breakfast horizons, and also provide a better breakfast more often for my kids. I miss you! Bad! I’ve been want to talk to you so much these past couple of weeks, I just am horrible about making phone calls happen. I will though, and soon. Love you!


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