The Bingo Blouse

Did you have a nice 4th? Hope so. We spent it with lots of family and delicous food, as usual.

While we were watching firworks though, I got super nervous and anxious–it could have been the smoldering glow of the Alpine fire that was burning on the mountain right behind us–it seems like all of Utah is burning!  Don’t get me wrong though, the fireworks were great, I just felt unsettled. Post fireworks Allan heaved a big sigh and said there was nothing to put his heart at peace and make him feel that all was right in the world than a good firework show. I thought that was hilarious, because I was feeling completely opposite; the difference between guys and girls is bewildering sometimes. I guess it could just be personality difference rather than gender difference, but all I know is my heart doesn’t burn with happiness at a lighted flame! I actually was a fire-fighter the summer I was 19, but I hated that job. When I think back on it I remember feeling hot, dirty, bored (nothing like this fire-season), and homesick.

Well, anyway.

Speaking of pyro-maniacs, let’s talk about the Bingo Blouse. I like it. I don’t love it. I kinda wish I could just start all over, but it is what is. I draped it (you can see a few snapshots of the process on my Instagram feed), and I wish I had been a little more thoughtful with the design is all. I liked it more, I’ll confess, until someone on Instagram said it looked Grandma-ish. I guess that’s not a bad thing, but it sort of ruined it for me.  I think I care too much what people think.

mad mim sewing_bingo blouse mad mim sewing_bingo blouse mad mim sewing_bingo blouse

So I’m sort of having a bad-luck streak with my sewing! I mean, this isn’t bad, I just am not super excited about it. Then a couple days ago I tried to made a hi-low maxi skirt with pockets that didn’t work at ALL. Fat Failure. I cut it up the very next day, and made it into the shirt with an ill-fitting neckband. Shoot. The neck back at least is fixable, which I hope to do sometime today.  Hopefully my luck will change, eh?



That instragram person can suck it! This blouse is beautiful and unique. While it has a retro vibe, it is by no means grandma-ish!


I love this Mim. It has a beautiful drape, fun details, and fits you perfectly. I think the neckline height is super flattering. And, I like it better sans buttons. If I could wear this top, I’d be at BINGO every Thursday at 6 pm sharp!


Well, if I can wear that blouse when I’m old enough to be a grandma I will be a very happy woman. It looks great!

Holli Coats

You draped that?! I love it! I don’t know any grandma that dresses that fashionably. I want one for myself!!


I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I like it! I’m not usually a commenter (just a reader) but I felt like saying a few words today…here goes… I do not think your blouse looks grandma-ish at all! It is so cute and vintage-esque (totally not a word). Some people think vintage stuff looks like grandma stuff…but I say vintage rocks! Also, just a funny story on how men and women are so different… when my husband and I got married we spent a few days on the Oregon coast for our honeymoon. It was fall, we were staying at a place right on the beach and it was a bit stormy. We were nestled all snug together up in the loft of the cottage we were staying in and I commented on how romantic it was to be snuggled up all warm and cozy up there while a bit of a storm was ragging outside and my husband admitted that all he could think about was a tsunami crashing into our cottage and killing us. Anyway, thanks for sharing your talents and funny stories!


Thanks Emily! I know that some people’s “Grandma” is someone else’s vintage treasure, but it’s easy to make me insecure, I suppose. I need to just let all those things just roll off my back…still working on that!
Your story is hilarious! Lol, I think if it were me though, I would be the one worried about the tsunami!!

Beth Stephenson

As a Grandma, I love the blouse. If I could wheeze myself into it, and have my hips descend daintily from the curved hem, instead of billowing like an Oklahoma storm cloud. . .I’d wear it every day of my (short) remaining life. Really and truly, thank you to the person who said it looked grandma-ish. We grandmas are infinitely flattered. Beth from


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