The Beaded-Leaf Danglers

Hey hey! This is my 101 post!

Speaking of that, I’ve been dabbling in jewelry making lately. Since I pierced my ears, I’ve had SO much fun finding fun earrings, and my very favorites are the dangly ones. Since more often than not my hair ends up in a bun or pony-tail, I always feel that some fun, colorful earrings make me feel a little special and maybe slightly less ghetto (they also motivate me to actually put some jeans on rather than those yoga pants that are always calling my name).

I checked out The Earring Style Book by Stephanie A. Wells from the library, and had fun learning a few techniques. These earrings were called “Britney”, which I’m going to pretend had nothing to do with any particular celebrity.  I’m going tomorrow to the library tomorrow to return some books, and for sure plan on picking up a few more on jewelry-making. Do you love the library craft section as much as I do? What a fountain of knowledge! Over the years I’ve haunted every last corner of that section and likewise learned a little something about everything from photography to paper-making to upholstery and on and on. and on. Sometimes I just go browse through there with nothing in mind but then I find a book about flower-pounding and can barely wait to pound out some homemade stationary.

So that’s basically how I started experimenting with jewelry-making. I’m no professional, but these earrings were fun. They match my Turn About the Room Dress perfectly, and I like the way they tickle my shoulders sometimes.

mad mim jewelry making_the "britney" beaded leaf danglers



Ok Mim SERIOUSLY!!!! So cute! I love them! I think we need to have another craft day. I am texting you right now. Bc I am having Mim withdrawls 🙂


okay, you needed to show us how in the world you did this–they totally look professional. Can’t wait to see these on the real deal. And y-y-y-y-es, the library is a world full of possibilities, and all for Freeeeeeee!!!!! (Unless you can’t manage to return those puppies back on time . . . . *sigh*).


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