Tee-Shirt Week

File Aug 16, 3 20 24 PMSo, I decided that there’s no better way to kick off a new sewing blog than with a big fat week jam-packed full of sewing tutorials, and projects, and fun! Am I right or am I right…….right…….right….. (Ground Hog Day anyone??) So since baby #2, I’ve had to supplement my frump-dog wardrobe  in a major way. Let’s be honest. I had nothing. Nothing that I liked wearing, and nothing that was long enough, and nothing that was my style, and let’s be honest again–I couldn’t even remember what my style was, what with the deep abyss of baggy maternity and post-maternity clothing! Ugh. I needed to go shopping.

But somewhere between 23 and 27 and two kids and the whole motherhood thing, I grew to hate shopping. Really. I feel totally out-of-place in Babylon. By Babylon I of course mean the mall.  So yada yada yada, I decided to humor the recluse within, and make my own clothes.  So that’s why I’ve sewn about a kazillion tee-shirts for myself. More than enough–in fact–to have a fun time talking about them here for a week.  And for those of you who are thinking “WHY the pirate-monkey would I spend money on fabric instead of just the shirt itself and save myself some time?” Well, the obvious answer (besides the REALLY obvious answer that it’s way funner) is that it’s way way cheaper. I never spent more on one shirt than $3.50. Economically minded, wha???!

So everyday this week I will feature a different T-shirt, along with the technique or tutorial that goes along with it! Woo hoo!

This is for all you peeps who

a) like to sew.

b) are broke or “on a tight budget.”

c) like a challenge.

d) want to be like me. ANYONE???

additional t-shirt posts/projects:

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