Tailor’s Ham and Sausage

I have been wishing upon a star for the last five years that I could get my mitts on a tailor’s ham and sausage. I learned how to sew on a couple of these babies (way back in 4-H by my fantastic teacher Cami), and ever since I’ve fantasized about them–especially in those desperate moments of particularly difficult pressing fixes.  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long. One time I saw one in a thrift store;  it smelled like moth balls and was ugly as sin and even then I barely passed it up. I’ve just kept on sewing and fantastizing until I just couldn’t take it anymore.  That was like, last Tuesday, case your curious.
mad mim_tailor's ham and sausage_01

Do you sew with a ham? It’s for pressing curved and hard-to-get-at seams, and anytime you can’t get your garment to lie flat. The ham is great for darts and princess seams, and the sausage is perfect to slide into a sleeve for that wily shoulder curve.  And wowee, are they fun to have and to hold. If nothing else, you’ll want one to canoodle with next time you settle down to watch your favorite movie.

mad mim_tailor's ham and sausage_03
mad mim_tailor's ham and sausage_06

I used Kristiann‘s pattern and tutorial, and packed those suckers with sawdust (that I got free from the nice fellows and Home Depot) within an inch their lives.  It was a messy and time consuming and a real good time. mad mim_tailor's ham and sausage_02

Pretty jazzed about my new  meat. So tight, so firm, so heat-ready with it’s cotton and wool sides.  Like Katy so aptly put it: serious seamstresses use a ham. 
mad mim_tailor's ham and sausage_05



Oh I need to make myself a ham and a roll. Thanks for the tip about asking for sawdust at the Home Depot…


Wow! I never would have the patience to make these myself (I’m using some of those thrift store ones you mentioned. hehe.). Your fabric choice is beautiful. I’d be so proud if I had those on display in my room!

emily marie

These are gorgeous! Much better than the boring plaid at craft stores. Never heard a seam roll referred to as a sausage before, but I’m totally going to use that now! 🙂

Amy U

I inherited a ham from my aunt (yes, we are a wealthy family) and I keep it put out of boy reach because they think it’s a pretty swell football.


Now Miriam my dear, do we need an intervention? You seem to be liking your (utterly delightful) sewing companions a little too much. I am thinking that maybe, JUST MAYBE, you need to get out a little more?! I think the tipping point will be when your hubby has to contend with those two sneaky meat roles inexplicably finding their way into HIS side of the bed?? Just a thought…
Love you anyway 🙂


My therapist said the same thing, but then I made one for her too and now we swaddle them and take them to the park together. Lol, Jen you crack me up!


I’ve been itching to get my hands on a ham FOREVER and why I never thought about making my own I don’t know. duh. Perfect – thanks for the idea!!

J Stone

I don’t think that I could get it packed tight enough. I would probably get a vintage one off of Etsy…….Not lazy just seems like a hard project.


your new sewing hams are very cute. I can only imagine the mess and challenge to make these. I have had to cut feather pillows down to size.
I do have the privilege of owning a variety of pressing tools. I dear friend of mine gave me her whole set when she was in her 80’s and couldn’t comfortably sew any more. She lived to 92. Pressing hams are very helpful when making a garment, but I also use them every time I press my daughter’s princess style dresses.


Yes I love them for pressing princess seams as well! How neat to have inherited all those pressing tools, meaningful and useful!


That does take me back to the days of 4-H with Cami. Bless her heart for doing that for us! Seriously! How HANDY to have those, I’ve fantasized about having a ham and sausage. But I only remembered the name for the ham.


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