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Tiny Art // Book Corner Frame DIY

Have you ever gone back to a place you used to work and nonchalantly mentioned to the current young employee that you used to work there as well, and they’re like cool. And you’re like yeah, cool. And you kinda get the feeling that they secretly aren’t buying it cause you’re just too old to have actually worked at… Read more »

Tiny Art Ditching by Laura and John // Tiny Art Week

I audibly squealed and clapped my hands with delight when I read Laura’s post.  Laura is my cousin, and her blog Topsy and Havoc is one of my all-time faves. You have to check it out–it’s the dessert of my blogroll. It’s always funny and charming and pretty and clever and hilarious and just a… Read more »

Small and Meaningful by Eirene // Tiny Art Week

If you know me personally, then you’ll know that I am not, by far, the most creative or creatively industrious of the Mitchell girls. I have 4 lovely sisters, each of which are fairly bursting with lovely virtues and talents of their own. My sister Eirene is one of those people who just blows you away… Read more »

Matchbox Frame DIY // Tiny Art Week

A lot of what I deem tiny art is really just tiny junk, but with sentimental strings attached. It typically is banished to sock drawers or coin jars, never to be admired or talked about. We must, as tiny art supporters, put an end to all that under-appreciation!   All that precious junk needs is… Read more »

Tiny Art: Watercolor Silhouettes

I know it may be a little late to hop on the silhouette train, but too bad. I decided that silhouettes are just pretty, and a wonderful way to memorialize a moment in your kid’s fleeting childhood.  I think they’re pretty classic, what about you? I found these tiny glass-pane frames at DI a year… Read more »

Tiny Art: Handwritten Letters

I’m a huge fan of tiny art. In my ‘umble opinion, it is the backbone of a really stellar gallery wall or shelf. And the beauty of it is how simple it can be; no need to spend any money! It is that sentimental something that you save in your top drawer: a note, a ticket, a… Read more »

Twenty-nine, and one day.

tiny art_tribe is willin'

Yesterday was my birthday. It was also six years from the first time I kissed Allan. To celebrate those two very notable events (my birth and that kiss), we took a nap, made killer hamburgers, ate this cake (which is every bit as ethereal as it looks), played cards, and all with some of my… Read more »