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Tiny Art Ditching by Laura and John // Tiny Art Week

I audibly squealed and clapped my hands with delight when I read Laura’s post.  Laura is my cousin, and her blog Topsy and Havoc is one of my all-time faves. You have to check it out–it’s the dessert of my blogroll. It’s always funny and charming and pretty and clever and hilarious and just a… Read more »

Small and Meaningful by Eirene // Tiny Art Week

If you know me personally, then you’ll know that I am not, by far, the most creative or creatively industrious of the Mitchell girls. I have 4 lovely sisters, each of which are fairly bursting with lovely virtues and talents of their own. My sister Eirene is one of those people who just blows you away… Read more »

Matchbox Frame DIY // Tiny Art Week

A lot of what I deem tiny art is really just tiny junk, but with sentimental strings attached. It typically is banished to sock drawers or coin jars, never to be admired or talked about. We must, as tiny art supporters, put an end to all that under-appreciation!   All that precious junk needs is… Read more »

Caitlin’s Tiny Art Tip // Tiny Art Week

You all know about Hue and Hum, right? If you’re looking for a great read, look no further! Caitlin is talented and funny and not just a little dazzling, and really–one of the most genuine and nice people I’ve ever met.  I remember the first time I bumped into her at the Bijou Market and… Read more »

Tiny Art Week // My Ecclectic Gallery Wall

On a number of occasions I’ve mentioned that I have a special affinity for tiny art, and I’ve even posted a few tiny art projects. I think I may just secretly be one of those people who squeal with delight at a miniature anything (I certainly was mothered by such a person), because tiny art really just… Read more »