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Sunday Trousers // for the Boy

I’m back! Yikes, has it really been three weeks? The truth is we’ve been dealing with some personal family issues that have completely occupied my mind, and I haven’t given more than a thought to the blog. It happens.  I want to eventually talk about it all here, but I still need a little more… Read more »

DIY Dress Form

Meet Rosabelt, Twinkle’s DIY dress form. Since I’ve been doing all this late night sewing for Kindeegartner Tribe, I finally decided it was time to quit crawling up to her top bunk to gingerly reach around her sleeping body to get another waist measurement.  Now that I’ve just written that sentence I can see that… Read more »

Sewing (sentimentally) for the Girl: the Kindergarten Fave

This will be the first of (hopefully!) many posts about my girl Twinkle’s Fall wardrobe. The girly gone done and grew up too fast, and I’m sentimentally designing a few (too many) things for her special educational start.  My boy is also in dire straights for Sunday attire and more Summer wear, and Baby Girl… Read more »

Ottobre Design

I finally got my first three issues of Ottobre design magazine! I’ve been dreaming about a year’s subscription for ages now, and I recently took a a three-part survey that paid enough for me to justify buying one.  Do you guys know about this magical magazine? Every issue is a goldmine of like 40 or… Read more »