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Printed Peplum Swimsuit

So I’m pretty sure I was certain from about 1990 to 2011 that swimsuit peplums were reserved for toddlers or Grandma’s.  It wasn’t til pretty recently that I spied this beauty and started to think that maybe I was mistaken.  This suit definitely still has an old-timey feel but I think the mini peplum adds… Read more »

Wild Hearts Swim Tank

You know the old stand-by nightmare where you’re in public and then suddenly realize you’ve forgot to get dressed and are most unfortunately stark nekked? Posting pictures of yourself in a swimsuit, for me, is a lot like that. I wasn’t going to, but my friend Becca and sister Em said that you couldn’t really… Read more »

Yay!!! (and another swimsuit)

Yay because I won the Sewing Summit scholarship!!!  I still can hardly believe it–I feel like I could spontaneously do a little jig at any given moment, and maybe I have.  I feel so lucky, and am so excited!! Can’t wait to learn more about sewing AND blogging! Yippee!!! Thank you anyone and everyone who… Read more »