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The Pioneer Maxi Skirt

I’m proud to go back to my pioneer roots with this skirt. I’m beginning to think they had it right back then, because long skirts are the bomb (minus all those pettycoats). \   I used a grey tshirt fabric that I have loads of (want some?), and dyed it sea foam green and then… Read more »

Her Purply Petal Princess Dress

Good for dancing, Gardening, and general princess-playing.  Pattern: Simplicity 2569 Alterations: I changed the zipper from back to side, and HALFED the amount of fabric for the skirt’s tiers (it called for tulle, and I used organza). Regal, right?

Trash to Treasure: Carseat Recover

So here’s the carseat I wrote about yesterday. My friend let me borrow her camera to take these shots, but sadly I don’t have a better Before shot. But it was in pieces like this when I thought I was going to have a baby on Thursday night–can you see why I was stressing? Now… Read more »

Sewing for the Girl: Feliz Party Dress

mad mim_feliz party dress

I was feeling so nostalgic bordering on emotional today. We found out this morning that we’re having another girl. Isn’t that exciting!?!? I’ve always been wrong guessing the genders of my babies (0 for 3 now!!), but I’ll admit I was happy to discover I have a sweet little girl kicking around my womb  (not that… Read more »