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Sewing for a Belly: The Ruched Maternity Tshirt

Awhile back Megan Nielsen over at DIYmaternity asked me to try out her new Ruched Maternity Tshirt pattern, and of course I was thrilled to–I just needed to find a good knit! Lately I’ve been bummed by the lack of good knits around  here. Basically there’s either TwinkleAnn’s or Hancock’s. TwinkleAnn’s selection is pretty bad… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: The Airport Maxi Dress + tutorial

So the night before we left for Austin last week I decided I needed (wanted) a comfy maxi dress for traveling the next day. Earlier that day I had been to Target and also looked through the latest Urban Outfitters catalog. I saw a maternity dress at Target with this simple draw string waistline that… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly over at DIY Maternity

I’m pretty jazzed to be guest blogging over at DIY Maternity today. Come on over and make this Turn About the Room Dress with me! There’s a pdf pattern download, as well as the full tutorial. Hop on over, kids! You’ll really love what Megan has done over there–it’s kind of the mecca for maternity sewing…. Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: Take Manhattan Tunic from Twinkle Sews

The Take Manhattan Tunic aka I’ve-got-the-whole-world-in-my-cowl. Shoot. I’m trying to watch Finding Forrester and blog simultaneously. So far I’ve written the opening paragraph three times. I’m rubbish at multi-tasking. This is yet another Twinkle Sews top. I know, I know, for a girl who is so passionate about the grievances committed therein, I sure can’t stay away, can… Read more »

Sewing for the Belly: Poetry and Motion Tunic

mad mim maternity sewing_poetry in motion

I’m beginning to think my new maternity wardrobe is get more sizable than my normal one. I’m just banking that a lot of these pieces will work without a belly as well….? This top is another from Twinkle Sews, and it’s my favorite that I’ve made so far. The fabric is silky soft cotton knit… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: Filigree Apogee Top

Mad Mim maternity clothing sewing_Filigree Apogee Top

As bemoaned about in the last post, my sewing machine was in the shop getting serviced. As much as I missed it, it really freed up my evenings to do two things in particular that I’ve been wanting to for SOME time: read my brother’s new novel (which was very good), and design a new theme… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: The Mariposa Dress

Mad Mim maternity sewing_the Mariposa dress from Handmade Beginnings

Do you ever start sewing, and then you just can’t make yourself quit?? I do that frequently. I get on a roll, and I just keep on setting mental ending-points like “I’ll just put this sleeve in and then quit.” But then you finish that sleeve, and it bugs you to have one done and one… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: Dark Secrets Blouse

Mad Mim Maternity: Dark Secret Blouse from Twinkle Sews

The Dark Secret Blouse is the first of many from Twinkle Sews by Wenlen Chia. I have a lot of great things to say about this book; I also have a lot of really scathing things to say about it–love/hate relationship, for sure.  The designs are fabulous–many of which you wouldn’t be surprised to see… Read more »