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Knock it Off! Anthropologie’s Vaqunnon Earrings

So speaking of earrings, let’s talk about my pregnancy retardation, bless my heart. I mentioned the other day that I was sewing a swimsuit for my little girlie. Well, I was working on it last night, and it was rolling along like a tumbleweed.  I was having a lot of fun actually, with thoughts of… Read more »

The Fly-Fisher Earrings

Mad Mim jewelry_the Fly-Fisher Earring

When my mother-in-law very benevolently let me raid her stash of old craft supplies, I asked her about these pretty spotted feathers.  She said she thought they were  from my father-in-law’s assortment of fly-fishing feathers, and had just been mistakingly stuffed with the tracing paper and glitter. They’ve served me well on several different projects,… Read more »