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The Ginny Gown // a Color Magnet DIY

mad mim_printing,dying,sewing_the ginny gown_3

I┬áreally didn’t mean to take a blogging hiatus, but when we first moved into our house it was so exciting and there were (ARE) so many projects to work on, and so every night I would be like hmm, Blog? Or put up the curtains? Curtains. Blog? Or make a bench? Bench. And then I… Read more »

Masking Tape and Color Magnet Bear Tee

mad mim_color magnet bear tee_01

Nothing like a 15 minute project to get your heart pumping. This little bear tee is so simple that you can have it done while you wait for your oatmeal to cook. Okay okay, on the stovetop. But seriously, this is an easy technique using a cool cool product that I’m super excited to show… Read more »