Surgery Round Two: the Biggy

So it’s been a while since I’ve given you the deets on my sweet Tiny. It would be impossible to sum up the last couple months, but I will say that it’s been a complete roller-coaster. Good weeks/days, bad weeds/days, hopeful moments, really dark moments… my emotions have fluxuated just as much as her health. There’s been so many unknowns about what she’s dealing with, and how to help her, that it has made me feel beat with stress and frustration at times.

So although she was cleared to start trying to take some milk orally about six weeks ago, she’s not made any progress in that arena. She’s shown a complete lack of interest (and really and aversion it seems) to the bottle. SO…that’s been hard to not see any improvement and feel like our situation will never change.  As long as she is tethered to 24 hr continuous feeds, we are pretty home bound. I can leave, but I rarely do because it is super stressful and absolutely exhausting to drag around alllll her gear (pump, IV pole, milk, ETC). We can’t feed her normal amounts in a normal amount of time until her tube gets pulled to the stomach (it’s in the intestine now), and that can’t happen until they do this big reflux test where she has to be hospitalized for 24 hours. She IS growing, albiet really slowly, but I wouldn’t say she’s exactly thriving. But that’s actually another story. The reason why I’m updating you is to tell you about her surgery!

Although she’s shown no interest in the bottle, she HAS shown a little in nursing. A couple weeks ago I discovered that she’s interested, and doesn’t immediately start crying when I put her to the breast. She can’t get anything, but she’s interested. So I told my ENT this, and explained my secret desire that she get her cleft repaired early, so that we could bypass the bottle, and try and teach her to nurse when she’s ready to start oral feeds again. To my complete surprise, he agreed with me. He thought it was a great idea. So he talked to our plastic surgeon (bless his soul!), and in a few days it all happened—her surgery that had originally been scheduled for Jan 4, got bumped to this Friday!

So I’m really excited. And nervous. She did great with her last surgery, but this is a much more major one, and I think any surgery with a newborn is stressful. But I feel really good about it, and I have the tiniest glimmer of a hope that MAYBE she’ll eventually be able to nurse. It would mean the world to me.

So this is a really big weekend for our family. It will likely throw a wrench in our family routine for a while (you know you get into a groove with things), but I’m really hopeful that this will be the beginning of some really important progress for her. 



i have been following along with your blog for the past 6 months or so (made a few awesome dresses from your maxi pattern!). i am so happy for you all that harpers surgery has been moved forward. you are a courageous mother, family and of course that cutie-pie baby girl.
best to you!


Wow! What an exciting development. I will keep Harper and your family in my prayers that all goes well and she is blessed with a quick and full recovery..


yes, love and best wishes from us down under fans too 🙂 How amazing would it be if you could breastfeed her, that is bound to be a positive experience for both of you. Keep us posted pretty lady 🙂 xxxxxx jen xxxxxx


We’ll be praying for Harper, the doctors, the nurses, and you! So exciting to reach this stage a couple months earlier than anticipated. And how magical will that be to nurse Harper for the first time?! We’ll pray that all goes well.

Beth M. Stephenson

Mim, I read your blog after the surgery, but your are ever in our prayers. The picture you posted is darling and she looks so much healthier than she did in the previous picture you posted. Perhaps she progressing more than you realize when you’re seeing her moment to moment.
You are all ever in our prayers.


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