Sunday Trousers // for the Boy

I’m back!

Yikes, has it really been three weeks? The truth is we’ve been dealing with some personal family issues that have completely occupied my mind, and I haven’t given more than a thought to the blog. It happens.  I want to eventually talk about it all here, but I still need a little more processing time.

Meanwhile, I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, with probably the juiciest most succulent Turkey I’ve ever had. Compliments to my bro in law Ben and of course Martha, whose idea it was to grill an enormous bird in the first place. It was a glorious spread actually…pretty much pitch perfect.

I’m also working really hard on a BIG series come January that I am SO excited about. It’s gonna be awesome and comprehensive, and you’ll love it. Seriously? I’m in love I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it.  It’s ALL about sewing with knits, and so you  just mark your calendars for January and I want you to write “Going to have my mind blown with the awesomeness of sewing with knits”.  Those exact words.

Ok, now for a bit of sewing. Have I mentioned that I’ve been sewing  all my kid’s clothes? It’s been about…hmmm, a year maybe? since I’ve bought anything for them, and although it keeps  me busy, it’s been a lot of fun.  Most of time I’m able to have a small amount of foresight when it comes to planning for the seasons, etc, but sometimes a need just pops up that is absolutely urgent i.e. OMGoodness Tito has NOTHING to wear to church. He had been wearing some dressy shorts but then it snowed and the boy was left with nothing but jeans. They were fine in a pinch, but I wanted something a little more dressy for the long haul. Luckily last Friday night I had the perfect suiting fabric on hand (thrifted), and even a metal zipper that I got for 10 cents a million years ago. I’m getting faster at pants, although I gotta say, that zipper causes me grief every time. I used the Papa Joe trouser pattern from Ottobre 3/2012 #20, which like all Ottobre patterns is well written and perfectly designed. And thanks to my Sewing Summit pocket class, that back welt pocket was a breeze! (It still took my like 40 minutes, but whose counting?)

sewing ottobre patterns sewing ottobre patterns sewing ottobre patterns sewing ottobre patterns sewing ottobre patterns sewing ottobre patterns

He loves them, and actually asks to wear them. My fabric wasn’t stretchy at all, so I was happy with the more traditional looser fit, and so was he.  They aren’t anything special, but sometimes you just need to cover your bases. They’re certainly a much needed staple, and they look great with his handsome little suit coat that finally fits him! Sewing for my kids is about functionality just as much as it is about razzle dazzle and fun (especially with boys I find).

How are your crafty plans going? Christmas time is so fun because the creative juices flow, and the charitable hearts abound–a winning combo I feel.  I know you’re a bunch of crafty animals, so I imagine you’re dizzy with big plans and messy work spaces like me! Check back in later this week where I hope to share my favorite tip for budget sewing!



Cute pants!! I’ve done literally like three pairs of pants; one elastic waisted pair of courds for my daughter, stretchy maternity slouchy ones and a pair of maternity jeans. The front pockets are what kill me. They totally mess with my head. And notice how there are NO pants with a fly in that list?

Right now I’m working on reupholstering my Ikea couches… Holy cow, huge job!! But I’m able to do it for about half the price of buying new covers from Ikea, and I like the pattern of my material better than anything they had. And at $8/metre for upholstery material, it doesn’t get much cheaper!! I’m also hoping to get a Christmas dress done for my daughter as well as a Christmas shirt for me. And I still need to sew some diaper covers. And today I’m 33 weeks prego. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very impressive! Handmade little boy pants usually look a bit homemade-ish but these are totally professional.


Yay you’re back! 🙂
Those pants look great! I would love to sew for my kids but I want to sew for me too and there is only so much one can do without collapsing from exhaustion! Perhaps once my skills are better then I could do it.
Ok and pencilling you into my calendar now…. looking forward to it!


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